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How to solve terrible customer service complaint


How to solve terrible customer service complaint

Since I am unable to find the email address of someone who can help me with my customer service issues, I am posting it here. If someone in customer service cares enough to truly help me I can be reached by email at ****. 

AT & T Customer Service --- to whom it may concern.

I have been married for over 56 years to my best friend and the most wonderful wife one could wish for. During that time we have never had a substantial fight, let alone a significant argument. Until tonight. And it is because of the stupidity of your company and its agents.

You might call this a “comedy of errors,” except that it’s not the least bit funny. It is replete with errors, however, and it’s time to make it stop.

So here’s the situation: On January 4, 2016 I spent about an hour on the phone with “Rebecca” from DirecTV (supposedly now an AT&T partner company). The purpose of my call was to order DirecTV service for my home. I currently have AT&T U-Verse TV bundled with internet and phone and the TV service has been a source of irritation from the first day we had it installed (check the service records if you doubt my claim). So we worked out a “package” of DirecTV XTRA service with an upgrade of the internet to 45 mbs (the “Power” level) and she set a date of January 6th to install the internet and phone service and January 14th to install the DirecTV. All seemed to be in order at the end of the call. Later that day I received an email from AT&T services saying they needed more information before they could complete the order. I called and spoke to an agent who told me that I could not keep the same phone number (which I have had for over 40 years) because this was an order for a new phone service.

I tried to explain that this was not a new service, but he insisted that we could not keep the old phone number. Now, to be perfectly candid, 90% of the calls we get on that number are “junk” calls in spite of having it listed on the “Do Not Call” Registry, but the other 10% are our friends and family who have that number on their speed dials and we don’t want to inconvenience them because of your corporate incompetence. He finally passed me on to the “Retention” department where “Alex” informed me that the person I was speaking with didn’t know what he was talking about and we could keep the number. Hooray --- all is well again --- and it’s only taken four calls and about 2 hours of my time. Nonetheless, I am optimistic that everything is settled. We agreed that the U-Verse TV would be disconnected on January 14th after the DirecTV installation.

So we have it settled, right? Wrong. Please see the file on this order for all the phone calls and emails that have taken place over the last 3 days.  I have spoken with “Kamar”, “Sam,” “Benicia,” and “Byron” as well as the aforementioned “Rebecca” and “Alex.” These calls have been the result of service “outages” since the initial order was taken. I have re-set the system (and the individual set top boxes) so many times that I am thinking of getting a job with AT&T as a paid technician.

The final straw was this afternoon, when I arrived home to find a confused and angry wife. When she went to turn on the TV this morning she got an onscreen message that we “do not have a subscription to this service” or something to that effect. After trying various channels and getting more frustrated, she called AT&T service, who told her that our HD service had been cancelled, but we can still get the SD channels. After she accused me of everything short of infidelity and told me to just cancel everything and forget about it I retreated to my home office for a few hours to lower my blood pressure and try to calm down. It’s been six hours and I’m still perplexed and furious over the total incompetence of this situation.

So what are we going to do? Am I going to be forced to cancel all of the orders (too many to count at this point) and suffer with U-Verse? Will someone in your company “solve” this problem and let me have peace in my family again? Is there anyone there who really, truly, cares about good customer service? Or is this all a figment of my imagination? I’m thinking there’s a book or screenplay here that can make me a lot of money --- or maybe so many other people have had the same horrible customer experiences that it wouldn’t sell because it’s really not “novel.” And, by the way, when we solve the service problem we still need to look at the “billing” because I am being billed for “new” service with all kinds of fees and cancellation clauses on my internet and phone as well as the “reinstatement” of my U-Verse which was cancelled by some unknown person along the way. Please help me --- I am totally confused by now and ready to take this to another level.

When you stop laughing, please take some constructive action and “fix” this situation. Here’s your opportunity to make my day. Thank you, Michael [edited for privacy-please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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Re: How to solve terrible customer service complaint

Hello @mdneben,


For your U-verse problems, use @ATTU-verseCare

For billing problems, use @ATTCustomerCare

For DirecTV problems, use @ATTDIRECTVCare


Please send a private message to one of the community support teams listed above. Include your name, phone number, account number, and a good time to reach you.




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