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Getting U-Verse Internet Repairs in Dallas


Getting U-Verse Internet Repairs in Dallas

I've had AT&T cell service for almost 20 years. I've been a U-Verse Internet customer for over 4 years. I wanted to bring your attention to a situation that is affecting your customers in Dallas.

Last week (7/1), my Internet service went out. I called tech support and after some basic troubleshooting, the CSR decided that my "modem" had failed and I would receive a replacement on 7/8. I asked if I could get it sooner and was told "no."
I had an older modem from a previous U-verse account. I plugged it in and had partial service - some web sites worked, others did not. I called U-Verse again on 7/3 to see if they could get this modem working until the replacement arrived on 7/8. A supervisor got involved but was unable to get the old modem to work. She said that I should not have to wait until 7/8 for the repair of my Internet service and scheduled a tech visit for 7/4 between 8a-12p.
I waited at home all day (July 4th) - no tech and no calls to let me know a tech would not arrive.
I called support the next morning (7/5) and was told that a tech would be dispatched that day or the next and that the repair would not require access to my house.
Again, no visits, no calls, no Internet.
When I arrived home Monday evening (7/7), the replacement modem had arrived. I plugged it in but still no Internet (red broadband light). I called tech support and was told it would require a visit to repair so it was scheduled for the next evening (7/8).
I called support at 6pm on 7/8 and re-confirmed tech appointment. Was told that tech was at another appointment and would arrive at my house ASAP.
At 9pm, I call support and asked to speak directly to dispatch. After holding for 20 minutes, a surprised dispatcher in California answered. She was the first to inform me of the severely restricted tech staffing in Dallas and that there was no escalation possible. She made sure my appointment was in the queue for the next morning (7/9).
Waited all day for tech, again no call, no visit.
I called support again to try to find out what is going on. The rep checked with dispatch and was again told they were too busy to even call to re-schedule appointments. I was told my tech visit would just rollover to the next day.
I called again this morning (7/10) and was told that there were no techs available in Dallas due to weather and that Dallas was "restricted for dispatch." I was told to stop calling and just wait for a tech to call whenever my appointment was scheduled.
My Internet has been out for 10 days and no one can tell me when I might expect it to be restored.
I know AT&T outsources the call center and probably the dispatch service. I am frustrated that the folks answering the calls and scheduling the appointments seem to have limited information and are forced to rely on automated systems to respond to customer needs. These systems continue to allow the CSR's to make commitments to customers that they have no power to fulfill.
The system is broken. Your Dallas customers are angry. Does anyone with any power to fix it know this?
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Re: Getting U-Verse Internet Repairs in Dallas

Hi @kevinonateetee,


I am so sorry about the inconveniences, but I will be glad to help. I will be sending you a private message to gather more information.


-David T


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