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Facilities issue for awhile


Facilities issue for awhile

I am very displeased with ATT, I ordered ATT Uverse on June 15th, ha...d a install date of June 27th. Received a call on the 26th saying they could not install our Uverse because of facility issues. Asked when the ETA on the install would be, they cannot provide me an install date or correction of their facility issue. I am very happy with their customer service; I have a super nice lady that calls me every day just to tell me there’s no update or ETA. This is like me taking my car to the dealership and them telling me they don’t know when I will get it back. ATT how long must I wait, to find out an ETA when your facilities issues will be fixed? All i want is a ETA on the compleation of your facility issue, and when i can set up a date for install. I guess this is the kind of service you can except when you leave a cable provider to switch to ATT Uverse. All i want is internet and cable!!!!!!
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Re: Facilities issue for awhile

Facilities issue occurs when engineering group assigns path to provide service.
Your issue is most likely NO port available to provide service.
Other possibilities include no pair available to serving terminal.

if bad port on card... card needs to be replaced.
if cards are completely full... waiting on someone to cancel service before you can receive service.
if outside line wiring issue waiting for repair or replacement of cable.

Most common with no ETA is waiting on someone to cancel.... summertime people moving... someone gives up port your in line to get port similar to waiting for a table at a restaurant. Cannot tell how long someone will sit before leaving.
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Re: Facilities issue for awhile

Hi @txduckslayer,


I am so sorry about the delays in your U-verse service, but I will be happy to look into this further for you. We will be sending you a private message to gather more information.


-David T

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Ongoing Facility Issue Saga

So I recently moved into a new home a month ago and have been trying to set up U-verse service. My neighbors on both side of me have service and have had it for years. I was also a previous U-verse customer for years so I was excited to get set up. 


On June 27th I had called to set up service and found a customer service agent who was very helpful. Although the system had showed that my home was not available for service, she was able to quickly have my home validated as capable of adding service and set me up for installation on July 3rd AM. On July 2nd, I was called and told service was canceled due to facility issues. I called back and the agent was able to get the issue passed to the escalation team. They were able to get the installation re-scheduled for July 3rd AM. On that day, at 12PM I called to check why they had not come. Customer service contacted the dispatcher, and I was told they'd be there by 3pm. At 4PM - no show, so I called again, and this time the customer service agent promised that no matter what, they would arrive by 8PM. By 9PM - no one had arrived.


Fast forward to July 5th, and I get a call saying that due to a facility issue - the installation would not happen until July 15th. Frustrated, but still eager to get Uverse I agreed to reschedule. As you would expect, on July 14th I recieved a call saying there was a delay and the issue would be resolved by July 18th. You can imagine my frustration by then. 


Well guess what? July 17th I recieve a call saying that due to the facility issue, the next expected date would be August 15th. I requested to get it escalated and talk to Engineering - the agent stated "Sorry Sir, Engineerng won't provide us with more detail other than its a facility issue. I cannot commit to an install date. There's nothing more we can do" 


I've been essentially begging for almost a month to get service but AT&T appears to not really want my business. Would any AT&T management serious expect their customers to wait for more than 6 weeks to get connectored? I know Comcast customer service stinks- but this doesn't seem any better.


What else can I do? Just get Xfinity I guess.



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Re: Facilities issue for awhile

I'm having the same issue; 21 days and counting with no commitment on a completion date. What I want to know is why not provide your cusotmers with more detail instead of the generic facility issue response. If you can't serve them SAY so, but don't string them out indefinitely until other people cancel. That's terrible customer service - are you trying to compete with Comcast? 

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Re: Facilities issue for awhile

I have been getting the runaround for two days now.  Going back to last week, I called AT&T and got signed up for service.  The install date was scheduled for July 17 from 1-3PM.  TIme came and went, and noone ever called, showed up, sent a text, sent an email - NOTHING.  So then I talked to someone that night and they said that there was a database error in their system and that the ticket never got sent from customer support to dispatch.  This person was supposed to call me back first thing in the morning (July 18) - and I still have not heard back.  However, at 11AM I decided to go ahead and make a call to "customer support".  Well, after staying on hold for over an hour, the nice lady came back to tell me that there was a "facility issue".  No details, no ETA, nothing.


I am beginning to get very discouraged.  It's not the fact that it has went on long (yet), but rather the fact that one CSR was obviously dishonest with me while another gave zero details as to why there were problems and when I may get service.  


This is no way to treat a customer.

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Re: Facilities issue for awhile


Hello everyone,


I apologize for the delay in your installations, our U-verse specialists will be happy to help! You can send us a private message by clicking here, please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.




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Re: Ongoing Facility Issue Saga

I had exactly same issue.


they kept screwing up my appointment day, and when I finally got a solid confirmation...

they called me one day before the appointment day and told me they are having facility issue.


I work from home, and there was no way I could wait for 1 more week or who knows... 1 month more? They could not tell me when they can fix this issue and set the appointment anyways. 


So I called timewarner and hoolay, they came in next day and now I have an internet!! 


I could not believe how at&t kept screwing us over.

I spent so much time trying to fix all the issues I had, and now it is meaningless since I ended up canceling the order. 


If you guys have other options for internet networks, go to others.

I am so glad I took action and went with time warner. 


At least, I have an internet now!

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I'm with you.

I'm with you.
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I am VERY displeased with At&t's service (which is curren...

I am VERY displeased with At&t's service (which is currently non - existent) and communication. I originally placed an order for internet, security, and cable on July 1st. The install date was set for July 8th. On this date I began to shout for joy as my fiancée and I TOOK OFF of work to make sure the install went as smooth as humanly possible. Our technician was to arrive between the hours of's now call no's now call no show.....I then take the initiative and call in to follow up and retrieve an update. I was then informed that the technician is possibly backed up but should be there momentarily. ...8pm show no call! I am angry and decide to wait until the next day. Surely you would expect AT&T to call with some type of explanation. .....did not happen. I call in and was informed that the technician did show up at some point and was not prepared for a fiber optic setup. My appointment would need to be rescheduled. We then set up a new date of July 10th. Later in the day I call to review my order details and was informed that there is now a facilities issue that could take up to 72 hours to resolve. I say "ok" to that. Seventy - two hours later I don't receive a call from AT&T. I call in again an was informed the engineering department has a facilities issue that would take two weeks to resolve. Two weeks pass. No call. No show. I call in again! Now I have to wait at least another week? Why can't I talk to whomever knows what the issue is? Help me to understand what is going on. It should not take a month to resolve any issue?! This is horrible service At&t! I'm not sure how much longer I can hang around. Put yourself in my shoes....what would you do?
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Wow this is amazing, I thought I was the only one with th...

Wow this is amazing, I thought I was the only one with this problem. I've been waiting over a month for my service, I had a promise order set for yesterday, waited all day for tech ended up that they pulled my tech for an emergency outage and att dispatched another tech. In the end second tech never showed up and called customer service to tell me there's a facility issue. I just want my uverse
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Re: Facilities issue for awhile

Another person here whom has gotten the famous "Facility Issues" garbage. They call me a day before installation date to tell me they can't install my service. When their site clearly says, "Available at your address". 


I live in an apartment complex, where others around me have AT&T. But I can't? 


From the looks of it, I will be staying with Time Warner Cable!

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Wow we are having the same issue and it is November. We h...

Wow we are having the same issue and it is November. We had an install scheduled for Nov 11th no show no call. Called at noon and was told that they could come out from 8am to 8pm. Still no call no show. Called that night was rescheduled for next day took off work. No call no show. Called back and was told it was the outside lines could take up to a month to fix. Called again Thursday night after giving a horrible survey was told everything was fixed and a technician would be out Friday to install. Technician came out and had bad news after spending from 9am to 12 noon that the outside lines were not done correctly and even his manager could not get an engineering technician to give a time when they would come out. He said
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He said that they would come out in the next couple of da...

He said that they would come out in the next couple of days. Called in tonight and was given the run around again that the engineering department does not give a time frame like the other technicians. Getting ready to cancel my order due to this nonsense. Att has such bad customer service. Really liked Uverse and att before this horrible ordeal.
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Re: He said that they would come out in the next couple of da...

Anyone have an update on how long it took to get it resolved? I'm in the same boat and have lost all hope to be ever told what is going on or if ever the issue will be resolved.

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