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Ethical practice at AT&T


Ethical practice at AT&T

I dumped AT&T cell phone service after 22 years. I then decided to get Uverse after being harrased for almost a year. I was told explicitly that I would get Internet for $14.95 for one year and voip for $20 for one year. She said it would then be $79 - without me asking, which I thought was unusual since they seem to want to hide this fact.

I got a confirmation email with estimated taxes of $21.31 - 50 per cent of the total bill! I called to enquire about this and another email that I received today dated 1/28/2016 3:01 am, that say I need to pay $79.81 by February 19.

The agent was so back and forth with his communication that I was very concerned. He said I owe nothing, "I'm 100 percent sure of that".

When I asked about my Uverse confirmation email, he said "that promotion just ended. You will now pay $79 every month." When I repeated what the previous rep said, he said, "that promotion was just renewed on January 22."

When I asked about the tax estimate, he kept skirting the issue and would not answer.

AT&T is infamous about flooding their customers with taxes, surcharges, and fees.

Will we be able to get our own modems once the FCC finalizes this deal that has been notorious for 'renting' the boxes?

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Re: Ethical practice at AT&T

Doubt it about the RGs, they do not work on RF like cable modems; which the FCC is going after.


All Uverse RGs are IP and TV is IPTV, only 1 maker of these now, Arris.  And they do not make any for the retail market, just the IP provider market worldwide.  May be that Uverse will be prevented from charging for them.  They are talking about selling the upcoming Home Media Gateway.


CSRs can't give the actual taxes as their system can not figure them.  I can't agree about the deluge of fees, it's usually the state, county, city, etc adding Internet and TV fees.  ATT pays a franchise fee like cable companies to the governmental units.


Phone users know they will be paying the USF fee no matter where. Smiley Wink



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Re: Ethical practice at AT&T

Hey, thanks for clarifying :-)

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