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Do you have any professionals left?


Do you have any professionals left?

I scheduled my u-verse installation for saturday the 16th, between 1:00 and 3:00.

Friday the 15th I tried to verify the appointment online, but your website would only give me an error message 'unable to answer that question at this time' or would time out and I would have to start all over again.

Finally, after your service department opened I was able to get through to a recorded message telling me my appointment was for tuesday the 19th.

Getting through to a human to change the appointment, I was told my phone number did not exist and that there was no account under my name or e-mail.

When I first called, the automated answering machine read back my number.  The human verified my number twice and still insisted it did not exist.

I hung up, called my own phone from my cel phone and, sonuvagun, it rang.

Calling back, I reached a different person who, again, was unable to find my account.

After correcting her spelling of my last name she was able to find my account.  The four digits she read were not mine.

She was then able to fix YOUR records to the number you have been billing me for.

She then told me that my appointment had been changed because of technical issues with ATT.

The company just felt no need to tell me about the change.

I think it is time for me to consider the segue from land line to cel phone and a different internet provider.

ANY internet provider.

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Re: Do you have any professionals left?

I have also been frustrated with the level of service. What this points out is that if all customer service reps are simular, then the training is at fault and it is AT&T.

I ran into a situation where my neighbor and I have same address number but different street names.

For years I have had to reboot, slow speeds, unable to have more than one device in use. The resolution was change modems or change phone lines.

Now that I switched to Uverse we find out that my neighbor and I have been sharing internet and been getting have the speed and charged at higher speed.

Talking to the none native American customer service rep is like pulling teeth. Perhaps local hiring and better training would be the cure.

Awaiting refund for years of lower speed service and being charged for the higher speed.

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