Customer Service Frustration


Customer Service Frustration

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My number is ******
I have 4 cell phones on my family plan, I pay 200 to 250 per month for all my services. If I get screwed over and if ATT waste any more of my time, I will agressively search for an alternative provider.

In addition, I will make sure everyone I know, for the next 20 years, knows what horrible service I have had to deal with, and the horrible customer service. If I have to drop my iphones and switch, I will never forget how ATT has reamed me and wasted my time and money, screwed up my phone orders, my signal strength, screwed my son on his birthday by not delivering his new phone - had to wait 3 weeks later to get a good phone...and I vow to never forget the pain and suffering going without nternet service, driving my wife to mcdonalds so she can finish her online tests for school. and so much more because of ATT.

Its a shame, I have always been loyal, even when you guys from ATT droped my cell tower, I stayed with you guys when everyone else was switching to other providers. I have been a loyal customer for many years, and you guys could care less about that it seems.

I will wait  (again) until July 1st for the DSL hook up, but if something else goes wrong, I believe I have just about had enough of no signal, no phone service, and arguing with pakistan women about my phone service, which they know nothing about. I hope it goes well, because my future with ATT is riding on it.


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Re: Customer Service Frustration

Hi @certifiedtexas,


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with your services, but I will be glad to look into that for you. We will send you a private message to gather further information and do everything we can to help.


-David T

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