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Customer Service Fails


Customer Service Fails

Window for repairing my internet router was scheduled for 12-4 PM. At 3:45 I call ATT and am told technician has been dispatched. "Please give them 30 more minutes to arrive."  At 4:45 I do an online chat and told that ATT will call me back in 20 minutes because they cannot get the information from dispatch.  At 5:27 ATT calls to inform me that a technican "May still arrive today" but they will call back in an hour to discuss options.  A multi-billion dollar business is run like a broken down parts shop, going out of business?  My fourth call of the day - technician has been dispached but guess what - Customer service now informs me they know he is still at another site working.  Is it so hard to tell people the truth?  Let me deicide if I am going to wait another 4 hours?  What is the logic behind lying to me, multiple times.  The company loses credibility.  If they call me and say - repairs earlier in the day took longer than expected, we anticipate repair at your home between 6-7PM, does that work or would you like to reschedule?  I understand and decide.  


1) Does ATT really not know where thier field staff is at any given time?

2) Why am I calling for a missed appointment - it is the service providers responsibility to keep me informed not the other way around.

3) Sorry to say it but this is the reason I left my last provider and unless I get resolution it will be the reason I leave this provider.


Follow the golden rule.  Treat others like you want to be treated.  Call me at 3PM to say it is not going to happen and give me options.  Proactive information sharing keeps customers, 6 hours of waiting does not.





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Re: Customer Service Fails

Unluckily they only have so many techs and each can only be dispatched to the next job after the one they are on is complete/closed.  So, they give a 4 hr block, hoping a tech will be available in that 4 hr block.


According to my tech that delivered the 'new' DVR a couple of Mondays ago, each of his dispatches were 10-20 miles away.  They give him the next job in the whole sevice area, but it may be 1/2 hr or more away. 


That Monday, his 4 jobs went from one end to the other end of the service area, back/forth, nothing 5 mins away. Smiley Wink




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