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Customer Service Fail HELP..............


Customer Service Fail HELP..............

For the past 3 months both my TV and my internet consistently freeze. My U-Verse TV receiver looses signal an/or my internet goes completely out or slows way down to the point that nothing will load. AT&T has had 5 techs out to my home over the past month and half. No one can seem to fix the issue. In the past 2 months I have logged over 4.8 hours on the phone with the "Customer Service" reps, have spoken and explained the issue with over 16 different people as I have been bounced from person to person. A month ago when I called in and spoke to someone I explained that I would not pay my bill until my service was fixed and I received some form of credit. The person, who I could barely understand, said that he agreed and said "lets get the service fixed and then we will figure out your bill!" When I asked if my service will be suspend for not paying my bill right now he assured me he would make sure that does not happen. Well between that call and the time the next tech came out, they suspend my service. The tech said he could not do anything until it was reactivated and no one I spoke with said they could do anything until it was paid and restored. So I had to pay to get it on and now have been on the phone again for over 3 hours trying to get through to someone that can issue a credit of some sort and I still do not have working service. How do you reach someone in high authority that can resolve an issue without being bounced around? Every time I tell whoever I am on the phone with that I am fed up and considering just canceling my service with them I get transferred over to the retention dept. and they say they can not issue a credit but can only cancel my service. Then I get transferred back to another dept... And then I go around the process over and over again.. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Customer Service Fail HELP..............



Sorry to read of the trouble you are having, it seems to have been a big headache. Check out this article, it has recommended fixes that tend fix the hard to fix issues and items we overlook. If the article does not help, come back here and let us know. We can look into this deeper. 



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