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Consumer Feedback

First, let me say that I truly love Uverse.  Recently I have had a pretty rough experience and figured that my feedback may be welcomed in hopes of bettering Uverse for all.  


I've been a Uverse customer for years and was excited to find that Uverse was available at the house I would soon be moving to.  I called and the customer service representative was helpful and setup my transfer with ease.  I was to have Uverse installed in a matter of days after my move-in.


A day before my install, I received a call from another customer service representative to inform me that my install would have to be delayed.  I was to receive a call back to setup a new install date.  I waited a couple of days and did not receive a call.  When I phoned again, I received the same message - the install could not be completed because of an issue but I would receive a call back soon.  A week went by and I phone again.  This time, a representative looked further into the issue and came back with bad news - the install was not going to occur for over a month.  Whatever the issue was, the resolution was going to take some time.  


I waited out the month and periodically called for updates.  The customer services represetatives were all very polite and I don't blame any of them for the experience or lack of understanding.  However, each time I called, I received a different answer:  “problem with the box on your house which has the wrong number of prongs”, or "issue with the engineers" or  “there is a shortage in the equipment needed to do the install”, or “I don’t know but they will call you when it is ready, let me make sure we have the correct number”, or “it will be any day now, maybe even today”...


The date the problem was to be resolved kept getting closer but each time I phoned, nobody had any further information or updates.  One of the most frustrating calls occurred when I phoned and the individual told me I was “flagged for dispatch” and put me on hold.  A minute later, another woman picked up in the “resolution center” and asked me what I needed.  I told her I had no idea what I needed and I was just forwarded to her and she put me on hold.  The next thing I know, I’m back at the beginning of the loop and the automated voice is asking me to push one if I wanted English. Pretty frustrating experience.


By this time, I had given my account number, passcode number, listened the speal that the reps have to read each time, and heard the public service announcement about not texting and driving so many times that I could practically recite them all myself!  On top of this, each time I was on hold, I heard the same exact song with the same four measure melody each and everytime.  Of course, the customer service reps seem to have been instructed to check back in every couple of minutes to make sure they knew they were right there with me.  Like I said - they did a great job, but the experience was exhausting.


One of the times, when I was on hold, I figured i would do the online chat with the customer service rep to see if I could locate an email address or physical address to provide my feedback.  Oddly, the information was not on hand and the individual told me to wait while she "exhausted all resources" to find me the information.  Really?  Finally, the individual gave me a link to an online survey that asked me to rate my experience and provided me with 750 words to comment.  Thus, my entry in the forum section.


Today is the day after the date which I was given for the problem to resolve.  I phoned again, was on hold for 45 minutes with an awesome customer service rep and finally...finally..have a scheduled install date and time.


The good:  Customer service reps friendly, love Uverse

The bad:  Couldn't get a straight answer for the issue, long hold times, uncertainty if what I was hearing was truth or not, very long wait time for install


Hopefully the install will go smoothly and the epic tale will have a happy ending!

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Re: Consumer Feedback

Sorry to hear about your experience with getting the service.  I have been a sub since 07 and don't see myself going to any other service provider.  It would have been good if you had found this forum sooner, we could have you given you another resource to reach out to.  If you ever have any questions comments or concerns about your service feel free to post here in the forum.  There are many people here who are ready, willing, and able to offer you help in in the form of resources, information, and assistance.  Let us know how your install goes.

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Re: Consumer Feedback

Thanks for the reply.  As an update - the install went great.  As always, Uverse rep was incredible and very helpful.  I am plugged back in.  

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Re: Consumer Feedback

Thanks for letting us know what happened with your service.  I'm glad to know everything got worked out for you.  If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to post them here in the forum.  There are plenty of people who are ready willing and able to offer you help in the form of information, resources, and suggestions.  Enjoy.

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