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Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns


Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns

Queue fuzzy screen, back in 2009 I had to cancel my Uverse services due to being laid off.

I returned the equipment and never heard or received anything further from AT&T or Uverse.


In October of 2013, I attempted to restart services and found that Uverse is claiming that I never returned any of the equipment.  Nice of them to let me know that they had issues over 4 years later.


Being the awesome file keeper that my wife is, we still have the UPS store receipt from the return of the equipment as well as the AT&T U-verse CPE return receipt.  Both of these documents list all of my returned equipment, returned on 5/12/2009 at 12:13PM.  This is proof that I turned over possession of all of the required equipment back to AT&T using their required UPS account/packaging/label etc.


Being that the tracking number is over 8 months old, information about the delivery of the items are no longer available in UPS's system.  I have placed dozens of calls, countless hours of transfers and hold times, over 6 trouble tickets, as well as a customer complaint and have not once had this resolved.  I was promised by several different people in accounting, customer service and tech support that I would not only receive a call back but that they would guarantee that this issue would be resolved.  To this date, no call back and no resolution.


Information that may be relevant in resolving my issue:

Acct number 102925198

OMS Order number 32425365

UPS tracking number 1ZR3994A0345377837

UPS store 2836


Even though I have placed numerous trouble tickets on my account through every department I could, I still cannot get through to any member of management that can resolve this issue.


Do not get me wrong, I loved the services while I had them which is why I am trying so hard to resume services.  I currently use Direct TV for television and CLEAR for internet.  I still have all of my family cell phones through AT&T.  On a side note, I also pay tens of thousands of dollars a month on T1, land line and company cell phone services every month through AT&T.  I am the main decision maker for vendors and services for the company that I work for.

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Re: Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns

Hello, rprewitt!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about the issues with your returned equipment. We'd be happy to look into this for you, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns

I just received an email saying that this has been resolved and I should see the balance removed within 48 hours.


You just accomplished in one day what I have been painstakingly trying to do for months.


For now on, I'll be using this avenue for complicated issues.


Thank you


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Re: Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns

I have been dealing with the SAME EXACT problem. I returned my Uverse equipment via the shipping labels and return instructions in April 2011. Now years later I meet with a finical planner to find a account in collections that shows I never returned the equipment. This is absurd as I followed your instructions to the tee.
I am praying for some assistance as being on the phone for over 4 hours today and transferred all over the company has gotten me no where.

Here is some information, I'm hoping can help.
Ref # [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]

I also have the AT&T equipment return letter that has all of the serial numbers of the products I sent back. After being directed to UPS , I am having the same issues as they can not track packages that are this old. SOME ONE PLEASE HELP.

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Re: Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns


Hello MaMOORE,


Thank you for sending us a private message, please let us know if you have any other questions.



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Re: Complaint: Urgent, resolution needed regarding equipment returns

I just spent over 30 minutes on the phone with AT&T JUST to get the address to return our device.

I called to JUST get the address. I stressed the fact I do not care if I have to pay for it, I just want the address. I was told by the first girl she could not give me this information. I asked for her supervisor and she said he would tell me the same thing. I was sent, of course, to the wrong extension. Then I am sent to another extension. I asked the same thing!!!!! ALL I want is the address. He then again, as the others did, tell me to take to UPS and they would do it free of charge. I again told him I do not want to do this, I had already tried. He asked for my account number, and was told I had to have our pin number. (First person we called said we did not need one) When I informed him we did not have it they said then they can't give me any information. I told him.......again.......he does not need my account for their address. He said it is for our security. MY SECURITY...I want YOUR address. I then told him this is how it is going to go: I am not sending it back, I will not pay for it, and if you take it our of our credit/bank account I will put in a dispute. So he puts me on hold for another 10 minutes to "see what he can do". As we have been talking for 30 minutes I stared searching Google for the address. I FOUND IT on a site where hundreds were complaining about AT&T. I then told him I found the address myself. I read it off to him............silence...........He then said buuuuuuuuuut if you take it to UPS it is free. How many times did I need to say I only want the address and will pay it myself. They all acted as if I wanted the president's email address. I informed him this is why we cancelled in the first place, your service is terrible. I have read and printed several blogs where customers sent the equipment back and they were charged anyway. AT&T tried saying they did not receive it back. Well, I will be taking pics of the letter I am sending. Pics of the box it is in, pics of the tracking number, and anything else I can save for proof. By the way the address for returns is ATTN: AT&T LSL CPE Returns, 2380 Galvin Drive, Elgin, IL 60124. No wonder most of our family and friends are cancelling their service....yours is pathetic. BR your ex customer in Indiana.

PS this is only a small portion of the conversation, I had to repeat and be told the same thing over and over during the 30 minute waste of time.


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