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Channel 99

Channel 99


Understanding  Channel 99.

When I call in and  explain my trouble to  the ATT tech.  The  technicians will argue with me that there is no channel ninety-nine.  I can tell you that  I have been viewing this channel for over a year.

Channel ninety-nine is  AT&T U-verse TV is  PEG (public, education, government) channel.

My trouble is with your Channel 99.  You can view this channel at 

http://uverseonline.att.net/uverse/peg    So please do not tell me that there is no channel ninety-nine.  I am tired of expanding the same thing repeatedly and getting no where.


 My Trouble.

After selecting Channel 99.  it comes up on the screen ok.  With a list of cities in Orange counties.  From here I select what city I want to view.  I can watch programming provided by different community. Because I live in the city of Fullerton.  I select the city of Fullerton.   After selecting the city I get a message that Reads:  This video signal is currently unavailable. This has been going on now for about a month now.  Your Technications have no clue how to fix this problem and they do not seem to care.  Now I have notice that there is another city that is not working (Mission Viejo) Same message

(This video signal is currently unavailable)

Is there someone that cares and have the brains to repair this trouble?

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Re: Channel 99

Channel 99 ( Public Television) in Orange County, CA  is not available in all areas of the country.   It also could be on a different channel.   My wife and I like to watch this channel because of the city council meetings and other general information on what is going on in the city.   I have no idea how AT&T receive the city stations and neither has AT&T.  AT&T tech support is worthless.  They have no idea how their T.V. system works.  I find it amazing that they supply the service but cannot fix the problem.  The customers of  Time Warner have no trouble viewing the the city.    I think AT&T receive the signal from Time Warner then is sent to AT&T but I am not sure.  My next idea is to contact someone at Time Warner.  (If they will talk to me) 


Thanks for the help Dave.




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Re: Channel 99

They treat us like step children.  They bundle all the PEG channels on 99. Imagine if you were deaf or blind.  How would you access these channels too. They are in violation of Federal Laws in many ways and are getting away with it.  They don't make an effort at all to let subscribers know the channels exist.  We should notify the FCC in force.



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