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Bury cable line


Bury cable line

How on earth do I get my cable line buried in my backyard?? It's been 2 weeks since installation. I'm trying to get dirt work done in my backyard but can't because AT&T is painfully slow and not helpful.
I've tied to customer service and twice they have sent someone to my old home address. Please help!
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Re: Bury cable line

I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


They can help you.

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I've done that in the past..NOBODY is helpful

I've done that in the past..NOBODY is helpful
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Former Employee

A general premise tech wont bury the cables. They have a...

A general premise tech wont bury the cables. They have a dedicated team for this called as bury wire center. You might have to contact the care and ask for the contact details of bury wire center. The bury wire center will take another week to complete the work.
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Re: I've done that in the past..NOBODY is helpful

Att uverse care helped me. After I pm'd them within 3-4 days they came out and buried mine.


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Re: I've done that in the past..NOBODY is helpful

My cable was installed onJuly 18th. The ATT contractor came out and burried the cable on July 28th. What a {edited for word filter evasion} DISASTER.  Would not be soooooo bad if the shiest could own up. The LIAR is worse than a professional politician!!!!   I refuse to do business with dishonest untrustworthy persons. He is ever so close to costing ATT my business. I have been a ATT customer at various locations for 30++ years.  Reaching the extreme limit!


First this **** refused me to turn on my underground irrigation system to locate the lines!  He stated: I do this all the time I pretty much know where lines are! Besides AT&T is good at paying to repair any damage caused to property! (LIE #1)

A few days later, I learned how to operate my new homes sprinkler system revealing several leaking heads in zone 5 where he guided his Ditch Witch machine to bury the cable with in a few inches of sprinkler heads. Then turning on zone 6 .......water bubbled out of the ground where **** severed a sprinkler system branch line.

I make a trouble report to Claims contractor Sedgwick Inc.  They expect me to identify their cable burrying contractor??? I call Uverse Technical Support and they "CAN'T tell me the name of the contractor - but, they can have them call me???? Mean while Sedgwick infoms me I can  get the system repaired.

Next **** calls" I gave you a business card, right?(LIE NUMBER 2)   I reply, NO! Remember I offered to turn my system on and you refused and stated: AT&T is "GOOD" at paying to repair damaged systems! Asshat clown states they will come out Saturday the 13th or Friday the 12th.  NEVER SHOWS OR CALLS (LIE #3)

Monday morning, I'm sleeping in when the door bell rings........by the time I get up and go outside .......**** is coming out of my FENCED back yard carrying a shovel. (TRESSPASSING).    **** claims he dug and can't find where the sprinkler system was cut! (lie #4)  **** says he dug and found his cable but not a sprinkler line.  I go back where he dug and urge him to remove a few more dirt clods and walla - a burried cable laying on top of a burried sprinkler system line!!!!!!  

Then **** wants to see where sprinkler heads were damaged?  I take him to the very back extreme of my yard where there is ground cover and show him the remnants of an orange stripe where the cable was layed. By this time I show **** VIDEO of leaking sprinkler heads with adjacent orange paint and with in two inches if the ground crease resulting from burrying the cable.  **** then ignorantly proclaims he laid the cable 4 feet the other direction from the paint. (LIE #5)   Again I produce VIDEO of the fresh crease next to the sprinkler heads. 
**** agress and apoligizes for both the damage and the trouble.  The trouble is I have not been reimburst and I'm dealing with a proven shiest that habitually lies!

Now the contractor states AT&T is NOT good at paying for damage by thier contractors and Sedgwick is worthless, just to confuse and delay and payment or resolution and its up to  **** to be reimburst???? Please dont be (LIE6)

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