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Broadcast TV Surcharge


Broadcast TV Surcharge

We were supposed to have a fixed price for 2 years, but here we are with an increase? I don't care what these fees are for, when you tell someone that you will be paying a certain price for 2 years you don't expect it to go up. I think we will not be doing business after the 2 years is up. These prices are ridiculous anyways and the only REAL reason we have cable is for my husband's games. Well he can go somewhere else and watch his games. Most of these companies have no REAL truth in them, they always lie and yet expect to keep their customers. What a REAL shame. Think about your customers for a change!

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Re: Broadcast TV Surcharge

What you get is a discount and that discount will continue regardless of price increases.  And yes, there was an across-the-board price increase announced in December, effective in January and on your February bill.  We all got it and we all pay it.

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Re: Broadcast TV Surcharge



Here's the bottom line on "Broadcast TV Surcharge Fees".  These are NOT governmental fees, as Retention & 
Billing will try to lie to you that they are.  Here is the real truth about what they are, which are simply fees to make the cable companies MORE MONEY.


Broadcast TV Fee: What is it anyway?

If you’re wondering “what is a broadcast TV fee,” you’re not alone. Tens of millions of cable subscribers across the country pay their television providers for a broadcast TV fee or a broadcast TV surcharge or one of their equivalents without any any idea what those fees and surcharges mean. So, what is a broadcast TV fee for?

The short answer? Nothing.

The long answer is that broadcast TV fees are a way for cable companies to extract a little bit more profit from you, without it looking like a price hike. They aren’t a required government tax and they haven’t always existed. They’re a clever billing trick. Keep reading to learn more.



Why is there a broadcast TV fee on my bill?

If you’re a cable subscriber with TV service, you’re getting charged this fee by your cable company as a way for them to make some extra profit.


READ THAT?  And, it is only one of MANY sources that one can find on a web search that say the same thing.  Don't listen to lies and excuses.  If you are under a promotion, AT&T itself states, in print, that unless your TV package promotion has ended, or was changed, there will be NO INCREASE in Broadcast TV fee, and if you find one on your bill, there will be a deduction line added to bring you back to what your fee has been ALL ALONG.


To show you how dishonest AT&T is, my latest bill came, and this fee was raised $2, and I have to wait for a Retention Manager to call me back, as the latest agent stated, "I can't change it", after the prior agent the day before LIED to me (and this is per the latest agent) that he could not see my bill when he could, and simply wanted to make excuses, and tell me to call back if it gets raised, and they will adjust it.  The bill came out that SAME DAY in the early evening -- he had full access to that bill, but denied he did.  THIS IS HOW DISHONEST and UNDERHANDED AT&T operates as a company.


To quote from AT&T's OWN page, link being:



TV price changes for 2019

Get details about the latest price changes for DIRECTV and U-verse TV.


About monthly price changes
Because our programming costs went up, we have to raise our monthly prices for select packages starting January 20, 2019. You’ll see the new pricing on your bill.

Heads up: 
  • If you currently have a DIRECTV® or U-verse® TV promotion, you'll keep that discount until it expires. Once your promotional period ends, you’ll pay the new price for your package.
  • U-verse® TV customers under promotion will not be charged the increase in the Broadcast TV fee until your promotional period has ended. To keep you at the original Broadcast TV fee when you signed up, we’ll be issuing an adjustment as a separate line item on your bill. This credit will offset the fee increase for the remaining months on your promotional rate.
  • If you change your base package, you may not be eligible for the promotional offer anymore.
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