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Any promotional rates for existing customers?


Any promotional rates for existing customers?

I live in Milwaukee (AT&T's Midwest division?) and I recently realized my year long promo rate is about to expire and my bill will jump from approximately $100 to somewhere around $150 total. I called in last week and to inquire about my options and I was given a somewhat condescending response to my inquiry about retaining a rate somewhat similar to what I am paying now. He indicated the only thing he could do was give me a "manager’s special", which would still end up costing me around $140 a month for cable and internet (granted it would bump me up to the next channel level, currently I have U200). He further discouraged my choice not to accept his offer, even after I told him about what the rate I could get from Time Warner. I was essentially done with the conversation after he said something to the affect “you are not making a very smart decision by not accepting this special offer”….and obviously at the end of the conversation he said this offer/rate may not be available if I call back later.


Time Warner is also available for my condo and I could get roughly the same channel line-up (basically all the channels I care about) and slightly fast internet for around $110 total based on my estimates. 


If I am unable to get a better rate with AT&T, I will switch to Time Warner. Although I would much rather stay with AT&T due familiarity and inconvenience of changing providers (I am a intern resident and there are already too few hours in my day!). Does anyone know who I should call or how I can get a somewhat competitive rate? Second (if push comes to shove), is anyone familiar with the quality of service with Time Warner? Thank you!


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Re: Any promotional rates for existing customers?

The only way to get a cheaper rate is to actually be fully willing to cancel and switch to the other service for a time.  That way, you might possibly get to the "retention" department that might severely discount your services.  There's really no other way otherwise.  I know that PacBell, and SBC did that before it became AT&T.  Comcast definitely does this.

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Re: Any promotional rates for existing customers?

I had a similar problem last year. I called customer retention with the pricing for the local cable company. The rep asked me why I was leaving and I explained to her because of the ATT pricing and the rude customer support.  I told her what the cable company was going to charge and she was able to do better. She gave me reduced pricing for two years on all of my U-verse services that was lower than the cable company.

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