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Already regretting staying with AT&T


Already regretting staying with AT&T

I upgraded from DSL to uverse and the equipment was supposed to be here today but it didn't come. AT&T decided today was my activation day even though I don't have equipment and this turned off my DSL so I have no internet currently. Thinking about canceling just on the principal that they are this incompetent. I guess I should have gone with their competition and not been loyal since this is how loyal customers get treated.
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Re: Already regretting staying with AT&T

You choose a self install option with equipment shipped... Normally customer has equipment already but the Labor Day holiday may have affected shipping/delivery.


On a self install, your DSL connection is disconnected in order to connect Uverse (cannot have both services on same line). The tech makes wiring changes and verifies signal (normally at NID on a single family house).


If would have selected a Full Tech Install ($99 charge) the equipment would have came off techs truck and required someone 18 or older to be home during install.

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First off that wasn't told to me when ordered. Second it...

First off that wasn't told to me when ordered. Second it shipped after the holiday so that is a sad excuse. Third AT&T can track the package and if it wasn't to be delivered they shouldn't have disconnected. Forth I shouldn't have to pay for install if that is the only way AT&T can do it right. Fifth i am sure I'm also already paying for the new service yet i have no internet. I had to go to a coffee shop with wifi in order to get work done I normally do at home. This is all just typical AT&T service and I am sure there will be more bumps coming and no telling how long I will be without internet. The last situation I had went smooth and had restored my faith in AT&T but I should have known that was the exception and this experience is the rule.
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Re: First off that wasn't told to me when ordered. Second it...

Expect the absolute worst when dealing with this corporation. It outsourced to countries like The Phillipines where even if you do contact customer care you wil get people who barely speak a word of English reading off a teleprompter. It's disgusting how these pieces of garbage operate.

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