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Additional fees


Additional fees

I guess I should have really read the fine print on the contract.  I have being charged so many "additional" fees that this service isn't any cheaper than my directv and cable package that I had prior.  I thought I was going to save over $40 a month . . . not so much.  Very frustrated and I have only had the service for two months.  

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Re: Additional fees

Iptv with HSIA (tv service with internet service)... add ons
each receiver above DVR $8
HD fee (only included in u450 plan) $10
Various movie, sports, premier channels extras

Below line fees (not a part of promotion package)
HSIA fee (RG lease) $7
Local broadcast fee $2.99
Possible local franchise fee (community tax) our area $5.60

plus any additional taxes.... for most a close approach is 120 to 125% of promotion.
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