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ATT We need better speeds!


ATT We need better speeds!

Hey guys this is my first post on this website but I have been purchasing internet, phone, and TV for well over 15 years from ATT and I go back with them to my first dial up connections in the 90s. I have stuck with ATT this long mostly because I have to. There are no alternatives in my area and I would have switched if I could. Dialup is unreasonable in 2014 and so is satellite internet. My only issue with my att internet is its speed and I think this is a major problem ATT needs to fix.


ATTs speed is significantly behind other providers both in terms of the max speed they can offer, the technology they have delivering it, and the price for their plans. 


One of the major issues with the internet speed that ATT tries to hide is the upload. When they sell you a plan they never even tell you what the upload ammount is. I have the Max Plus plan, the fastest I can get in my area, and the upload is supposedly 1.5Mb/s and it rarely can get near that fast and I am lucky to be getting 1 most of the time. 1 Meg of upload is just not enough for 2014 and beyond. Its fine if all you do is brows a few websites but start skyping with friends and family, or running a minecraft server for you and a few friends and you will know 1 is not enough. Skype video quality on 1Meg is poor quality and I am lucky if I can have 3 friends on a Minecraft server without them lagging. There is a plethora of programs that would benefit from more upload speed. It would be nice to try running a small website of my own but I just can't with 1 Meg.


Also ATTs download is not extremely fast compared to other companies. I am not buying the slowest internet plan trying to save money, this is the fastest I can buy and it's called "Max plus" it's beyond the "Elite" and "Pro". When you compare this service to other companies even if you get the CHEAPEST FIOS plan you get 15 down and 5 up so its around the same download and has 5x better upload. Verizon’s minimum plan is 5x as fast as the best speeds I can get with the best ATT plan in my area and that’s just the minimum. Just having 5 upload with my plan would allow me to do simple things like Skype and online multiplayer games with my friends.  


Also the maximum plan I can buy with ATT is sadly way slower then plans offered by other competing providers. Fios allows you to get 500 Download and 100 Upload. Sure you have to pay for it but I GLADLY would pay for it since I curretly can't get anything like that. Also Fios has plans such as 300/65, 150/65, 75/35, and 50/25 that are miles beyond what ATT has to offer. Furthermore most of Comcast’s plans are faster then what ATT has.  25/5, 50/10, 50/15, 105/20, 305/65, 505/100. Then there is always google fiber($70/m) and Vtel($35/m) that offer 1000/1000 for under $100 a month. I'm not saying we need 1000/1000 for under $100 but ATT is behind the times of every major internet provider. Not to mention last month comcast gave everyone on their service a free speed upgrade... (I havn't gotten a free speed upgrade in my 15 years with ATT)


Another concern I have for the ATT service is the fact it is using outdated technology to bring me my internet. Most other Fiber Internet companies such as Comcast, fios, google fiber, vtel bring the fiber line into your home. ATT is converting the Fiber at the box down the road into copper wire and then in my house it gets translated back to internet. A combination of this transforming processes and the way att sends tv and internet data and my ping to other computers is significantly slower then what other providers have. When I am playing online shooter games such as CSGO or COD I can check what other players ping is and you can tell who has ATT normally by the people with the higher ping. Higher ping levels make playing online games less fun since I have to wait longer for things to load and there is a bit of delay between what happens, and the game server receiving my data. ATT should start updating their infastructure to fiber into homes, we can't live on copper forever.


Now a few months ago for my TV, Internet, and phone bill I am paying ATT over $200 a month. I don't have a problem paying that if I get $200+ a month of service. These other companies I have listed are pretty similar with what you have to pay but the amount of service is much better for what you are paying. A similar amount per month with some of the other companies I have listed could afford me a much better package all around escpeialy in terms of internet speed.


Altogether I don't need any insane internet plan, I don't need 1000/1000 I would just like a solid 50/50 internet plan for what I am currently paying. I belive such a option would be beneficial to many ATT users and would deciding factor for many people to go with ATT that currently don't. I can see other people have brough this up before on these forums.


I would like feedback from other useres here on the forum about what you think and maybe somone from ATT will actualy read this and consider getting us some better speed. I also request that if you have above a 1,000 post count not to reply to this becuase I am interested in the average users feedback not ATT fanboys. Thanks

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Re: ATT We need better speeds!

Completely agree with your statements.  I am totally satified with the Uverse tv service, but find the internet service lacking compared to others. My current promos are ending and I am looking into moving internet service to another provider for exact reasons you describe. I would hopefully have uverse tv and another carrier for internet (higher speed up and down for same price I am paying ATT). I have inquired many times to ATT only to get the same response - "You have the highest speed available at your location."

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Re: ATT We need better speeds!

Hello, Ozfer and sbpgrafx!


Thanks for posting. We appreciate your feedback, and I can certainly pass on your comments.


AT&T is constantly making improvements to its network to bring faster internet speeds to its customers. GigaPower expansion is one example, and you can click below to learn more about our expansion plans.


GigaPower Expansion


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.



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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: ATT We need better speeds!

Nice(sarcasm) Obviously Gigapower is not in my area and is not in any of the future locations for the foreseeable next 20 years. ATT has strategically placed the locations to compete with google fiber notice Austin TX and Kansas City Kansas are listed and they are the same places where google fiber is. 


Gigapower looks like great but its not coming to most of America just some big cities. It really makes me upset to see people in places like Kansas city Kansas and Austin Texas getting EVERY fiber provider avalible while me and 90% of America is stuck in the past. It also grind my gears seeing how they can get 1000/1000 for $70 from ATT and I am currently paying ATT $200+ a month for <18/1.5....


I will be satisfied right when you get "Gigapower" in Connecticut where I live. Heck I don't even need gigapower I just want 50/50 Man Frustrated My speeds have not been upgraded in over 5 years


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Re: ATT We need better speeds!

This really is a huge issue. It's absolutely ludicrous how much ATT is charging for mediocre service. As an ISP giant they should be able to upgrade their infrastructure EVERYWHERE, not only major cities. In many areas they are the ONLY available provider (unless I wanted dialup or satelite internet!) which is absolutely unacceptable.


I will most likely be switching from ATT the first chance I get. I can get 3x the speed for the price I'm paying with other ISPs.

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Re: ATT We need better speeds!

In my area we are stuck with ATT DSL and cannot even get your speeds. ATT really needs to update their speeds to be competitive with others and I think I am going to have to get my plan with another company if they can't modernize! 3Mb download and .5 upload is just unacceptable and that's the best ATT will sell me. Everyone should have access to faster Internet. We just need better. I completely agree with you guys.

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Re: ATT We need better speeds!

Believe it or not, AT&T totally agrees with you all. AT&T would absolutely love to be selling the fastest internet available but it is all about upgrading the 100+ year old copper infrastructure. AT&T is spending billions of dollars upgrading the infrastructure but it takes time and there are still areas of the country that may never see fiber optics. For those places, AT&T hopes to be able to use their wireless infrastructure to provide faster internet but again, that takes time because it requires both spectrum licenses and infrastructure upgrades. 


For myself, cable was the only choice for internet for years so I feel fortunate that I now have a choice between cable and Uverse, so I can certainly understand the frustration for those who have no other options.

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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