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ATT Reward card scam victim


ATT Reward card scam victim

ATT not honoring to pay $100 reward against total $300 promised against my order.

Reward center Supervisor says.. The claim should be within 120 Days. As per enclosed understanding, I should wait 90 days to get the 3 rd 100 reward card


Me: correct
Adrian: Please don't close this chat window, I'll continue here with you during all the process of your
purchase online in order to provide you the information that you need to know step by step.
Adrian: You can Click Here to view details and start with the "Check Out" process.
Adrian: Please take a few moments to review the information you have entered to ensure it's correct.
Once you are ready, please select the 'Continue.' option.
Adrian: If the installation date & timeframe doesn't work for you, we'll provide an email with details
on how you can change it.
Adrian: Your billing date is assigned after the order is submitted, & you should receive your first bill
within 30 days of your service connection.
Adrian: Within 30 days of activation, you will receive the redeem instruction via email or mail. Once
you have redeemed the reward, you can expect it to arrive in the mail within 4 weeks.
Adrian: Alright, no worries at all.
Adrian: I'm here for you.
Adrian: Are you having issues in order to continue with the process online?
Me: having issu..
Adrian: No worries
Adrian: Is your credit frozen?
Me: yes
Adrian: Alright, this is the reason about the issue with the process online, allow me to send you the
link and please use your driver license.
Me: ok
Adrian: If this "Call To Order" message will appears again, you will need to unfroze your credit in
order to place this new order online
Adrian: You can Click Here to view the page and enter your Driver License.
Me: ok.. will try
Adrian: Thank you, I'll continue here with you.
Adrian: I'm here with you, no worries at all
Adrian: On installation day, an adult (18 years or older) must be there present during the entire visit.
Me: Unable to complete orderSorry, but we're unable to complete your order online.Please call us at
844.855.7715 for help with your request.
Adrian: Got it.
Adrian: In this case you need to unfroze your credit, no worries at all, I can wait for you while you
do this process.
Me: ok.. give me
Adrian: Of course!
Adrian: Take your time
Adrian: I will be here with you refreshing this chat window each 2 minutes.
Adrian: I'm here with you, no worries at all
Me: only equifax.. is locked.. just unlocked it.
Adrian: Awesome!
Adrian: Now, allow me just one moment
Me: sure
Adrian: You can Click Here to view details and continue with the process online.
Adrian: I'll continue here with you
Me: ok
Adrian: thanks!
Adrian: Feel free to open the link
Adrian: I'm here with you, no worries at all.
Adrian: Let me know if that link works for you
Adrian: Just checking to see if you are there so we can continue.
Adrian: My pleasure! I'm here for you
Adrian: Would you like me to send you the link again?
Adrian: 'm here with you, no worries at all
Adrian: We haven't heard from you in a while. Do you wish to continue with this chat interaction?
Adrian: CONGRATULATIONS! Your order has been placed successfully! I want to give you the
most wonderful welcome to our AT&T Family!!
Adrian: As a friendly recap, today you were asking about our home services, and I have been able to
help you to place a new order for the U-Family + Internet 300 Mbps bundle package + all the
benefits and $300.00 in reward cards. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Adrian: Please let me know if you're receiving my responses or the system will need to end our
Me: just completed order thank you

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Re: ATT Reward card scam victim

Hi There @RewardCenter123

Thank you so much for posting. We can point you in the right direction to get this solved.


According to this article: AT&T Rewards, will explain everything that you need to know about the Reward process and what must be done in order to claim and redeem all rewards that are offered. 


Thank you for being an AT&T Subscriber.


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist


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Re: ATT Reward card scam victim


Neither I received any communication for my balance $100 nor reward. Per the person who took my order told me, I should wait for 90 days and did not mentioned, I should not wait more than 120 days, if I wait more than 120 only god can fix or just forget about kind. Just trying to get all this reward card knowledge now.


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