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ATM Encapsulation Type?


ATM Encapsulation Type?

We have U-Verse Internet "Max" VDSL service with a 2Wire 3800HGV-B RG.  I'm using an ASUS RT-N16 behind the RG, mostly for QoS and better control of our WLAN.  I've got the latest Toastman mod (build 1.28.7501.2) of Tomato firmware on the RT-N16.  The QoS "Basic Settings" page for this build includes a new section named "Settings for DSL only".  There's a single option in that section, "DSL Overhead Value - ATM Encapsulation Type", with a pull down menu and several values:


DSL Overhead Value - ATM Encapsulation Type:


  • None
  • 32-PPPoE VC-Mux
  • 40-PPPoE LLC/Snap
  • 10-PPPoA VC-Mux
  • 14-PPPoA LLC/Snap
  • 8-RFC2684/RFC1483 Routed VC-Mux
  • 16-RFC2684/RFC1483 Routed LLC/Snap
  • 24-RFC2684/RFC1483 Bridged VC-Mux
  • 32-RFC2684/RFC1483 Bridged LLC/Snap


Does anyone know if any of these settings apply to AT&T's VDSL-based Internet service?  If not, what would the correct setting be?  Toastman is usually very responsive to suggestions and could probably add the correct option(s) for VDSL, if we know what they are.


Thanks folks.

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Re: ATM Encapsulation Type?

There is no ATM or encapsulation on VDSL connections, thus this setting does not apply for your installation. See the following post:
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Re: ATM Encapsulation Type?

Thanks SomeJoe, I was pretty sure you would have (or could find) the answer to this question.


So the default setting for this is "None", and that's just where I'm going to leave it.

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Re: ATM Encapsulation Type?

From the link that SomeJoe provided I found this link where the devs for this Tomato patch discuss all the ins and outs of the new feature:


Again, this does not apply to U-verse VDSL but it sounds like it will really improve QoS on regular ADSL.  I've added some tags to thei reply that will hopeully get picked up in searches for this info by regular DSL users.  Also removed the tags from my orignal post, as they were misleading and incorrectly formatted anyway.

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