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AT&T repairs


AT&T repairs

I have had  hole all the way across my driveway for 24 (yes i said 24) days.  City water department came out to repair a water leak and because the locator for AT&T mislocated the phone line, the water department hit it and damaged it.  We have been waiting 24 days for AT&T to come out and fix it.  The City Manager, City Water Department, my landlord and myself call the "supervisor" over our area and he never returns our calls.  Because I can't use my driveway, I have to get to my carport by driving through my yard.  After 24 days of doing this, I have now damaged my grass.  My only other option is to park on the side of a busy road and walk to my house. 


I finally spoke to the supervisor on Tuesday and he said he was waiting on a truck from Dallas to deliver the cable needed to do the repair.  This is what his technicians have been telling me the whole time.  Today is Thursday, must be a slow driver.  If I had to wait that long for a product to get delivered, I would change who I ordered from.


Since my yard is now damaged, I know AT&T won't be inclined to repair it, I will be charged (fined) for this by my landlord. 


Anyone have any suggestions?  Is there someone higher in the chain that I can complain to and get results?


And no, no ones telephone, internet or anything is out so I am the only one suffering.

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Re: AT&T repairs

Click the hyperlink for AT&T Customer Care. They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service who can help you get this resolved. Watch the blue envelope for a reply as they will contact you via PM as well.
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