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AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

I was disappointed to discover today that my $150 rewards card apparently expired 30 days ago on March 31, 2014. I am even more disappointed to learn that AT&T, according to its customer service, is offering no resolve on this issue. I think this is a very insincere business decision by the company, not to mention one that is hypocritical. I had signed up for U-Verse exclusively because of the $150 reward card; we had been very happy with wowway the previous 10 years. That was back on July 10, 2013. After not receiving the card for five months, I phoned AT&T during the holidays (when I had some time off) and asked about the status of my $150 card. They apologized for some type of mistake and said they would send the card at that point. They followed through on that promise, and I finally received my card in mid-January of 2014. At no point did I complain about AT&T taking a half-year — July 10 to approximately Jan. 10 — to send my card, which I had planned all along to use for Christmas. Once the New Year rolled around, I entered my busiest three months of the year. In the meantime I paid little attention to the card and certainly didn't know it had an expiration date. Work has eased up now and, while taking some time off this week in light of my birthday, I decided to use the $150 card. I think it's inexcusable that a card could expire within less than three months after receipt. And this isn't a few dollars — $150 is a huge chunk of money that my family can't afford to lose. I hope AT&T changes its mind on this. We are owed that money. And had AT&T sent the card when it was supposed to do so sometime soon after July 10, as promised, this never would have happened. I gave AT&T the benefit of the doubt; it should reciprocate likewise. Thank you -- tom

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Re: AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

Hello, ThomasSkernivitz!

Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear your reward cards expired. We'd be happy to look into this for you, so please call our Reward Center at(800)288-9983 between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (CST), Monday through Friday.


Let me know if there is anything else we can do to help!



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Re: AT

Thank you, Mariana. I had contacted customer service prior to communicating via the forum. I didn't get very far, hence my forum message. If you think it would help my cause, I will gladly do so. Thanks -- tom
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Re: Rewards Not Be Honored

In March we received notifications that we were eligible to redeem three reward cards - one for $50, one for $100, and one for $150.  I signed up for all three and received three separate confirmation numbers.  We received cards for the $50 and $150 amounts and the screen printouts I took at the time I redeemed the rewards said all would be mailed out about April 8th.  Today I called the reward center about the missing $100 card, and I was told it was cancelled in February.  How was it cancelled in February 17th, if service was not installed until the February 24th, and on 3/10/14 I received a confirmation number for the $100 reward card?  The customer service rep said she was "so sorry" and "wished she could make it right", but just could not do anything about it.


Like the previous forum member, your customer service rep failed to help.  I thought confirmation numbers meant something.

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Re: Rewards Not Be Honored

Hello jrclark34,


I apologize for any confusion and issues with your rewards. Did you talk to U-verse Customer Care or the Rewards Center using the number in Mariana's post above?




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Re: Rewards Not Be Honored

I want to thank AT&T for working with me to resolve the situation. They were professional and courteous in the process. Please accept my appreciation, AT&Y. -- tom

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Re: Rewards Not Be Honored

I contacted the number and got the same response as before.  Even though I have printouts showing I redeemed three reward cards, and I have a confirmation number for each reward; the rep told me that the "AT&T verification process" determined I am not eligible for one of them because of discounts I am receiving on the Triple Play plan.  Well, I signed up for the Triple Play first, so ATT knew exactly what plan I had. Then, ATT offered me three rewards. Why was it offered if ATT is not going to honor it.

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Re: Rewards Not Be Honored

@jrclark34 ,  Don't contact that number, click this AT&T logoCustomer Service link to send a Private Message (PM) to the AT&T customer service team to help you resolve your request. You can expect a reply via return PM (the blue envelope envelope in the upper right hand corner of this site) in a business day or three.


If you'd like to speed things up, include your BAN and the best way and time to contact you in the PM.


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Re: AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

I had the same problem.  In the email I received from AT&T it promised 300$...


Copy & pasted from email "$29 TV for 12 months with $200 Reward Card: For existing U-verse Internet customers ordering U-family TV"


"Special Online Only Bonus $100 Visa Reward Card: Offer valid 1-5-14 through 3-29-14 only. For new residential online orders of U-family TV."  I received 1 100$ reward card.  Sent an email with a copy of the initial email promissing the money" and I never even got an acknowledgement.  I then "chatted" with Customer service for over 30 minutes without any help.  I was transferred over to a Supervisor who said I had to call the Rewards Center.  The Supervisor who was not helpful and kept misspelling my name, said that there was nothing further he could do.  I see on this forum that many other people have the same problem. Is this a stall tactic or a bait and switch type of deal? Is this how AT&T conducts business?


When I asked for the Supervisors last name he said "Smith".  Ummmm I highly doubt that.  I understand that for privacy purposes, they might do that, but seeing as how when you are speaking with them they have access to all of your personal information.   

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Re: AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

We signed up for AT&T Uverse in November 2013.  We were promised a $100 gift card for our enrollment with AT&T.  We never received this card.  I called last week and was given a run around and was transferred I do not know how many times.  The customer support individuals could not answer why I did not receive the $100 card and then tried to sell me other services with promises of getting a gift card from those services.  Really?  What about the card I was promised and never received?  After a great deal of frustration calling and being transferred, I then tried live chat. That was less than helpful because they said they would be unable to resolve a customer support issue.  they gave me a link to e-mail.  I did that, but did not get any response to that either.  I am really disappointed in AT&T's promise of the gift card, lack of follow through and poor customer service in handling this.  We submitted for 2 other promised gift cards for $25 each from Showtime and Starz and just received our Showtime card.  We are still waiting for the Starz card and the AT&T cards.  

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Re: AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

Same thing happened to me, I subscribed for my business internet on March 23rd, 2014, and they promised me a 150$ gift card plus $100 equipment rebate, that I was paying upfront. They sent me a check for the equipment rebate, and said they had no record of the 150$ gift card offer made to me by the salesman. I am not sure if that is a new sales tactic to attract cleintele but not a very honest one from their side. After I called twice to complaint the customer service decided to give me a 100$ credit only to my account. I guess the $150 were a lie. 

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Re: AT&T not following through on $150 rewards card

This happeneed to me too.  I left Comcast because of their poor customer service and now I'm shocked that I am part of another group that does not prioritize their customer's experience.  I can understand that the gift cards cannot stay valid indefinitely.  However, 3 months seems heavily skewed in favor of hoping that the customer overlooks the timeline and loses their promotional gift.  A year timeline would be more reasonable if AT&T was really only concerned about the maintenance cost of the cards.  Further, if something needed to happen after 3 months, a monthly penalty would be sufficient until the value of the card is gone.  I was told that because the card wasn't activated before the 3 month timeline that the WHOLE VALUE of the card was removed.  This is another step that seems heavily skewed at pulling the funds back from the customer.  Is there any scenario that a customer would not want the money and choose to not activate the card?  Doubtful.  The more likely case is that they didn't receive the card or set it aside to use later.  Well, I hope the money that AT&T pulls back is worth the negative impression it creates.  I can say I am now looking to find another provider.  I know this has nothing to do with the quality of their internet/cable product.  I am actually quite happy with that.  However, this leaves me feeling taken advantage of and I don't stay in relationships like that.

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