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19.95 or $35 p/m


19.95 or $35 p/m



I am a new customer and just ordered Home internet DSL pro w/o phone line. When I ordered, the confirmation page showed me $19.95 per month charges for 1 year + DSL modem charge = $75.


Now When I get order confirmation email from ATT, I see


Total Monthly Charges $35and One time Charges $75


What is this ??? Do I have to pay $35 a month or $19.95 a month + ofcourse taxes.


Can someone explain this to me? I'd like to cacel my online order in case it is $35 /pm for new customer.



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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

Do you have Uverse Internet, or regular ATT DSL?
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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet Service <-- This is what the email says I ordered. I chose for Internet w/o phone line on ATT site and I think that had taken me to U-verse site with 19.95 p/m option for PRO -D. I have the confirmation of order that says 19.95 pm and 75 for modem but email says 35 + 75 Smiley Sad

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m



I have Elite, which is $40/mo. (I think everyone's prices went up $5 in Feb.--Elite was $35), and there's a double-pack discount of $10 for combining that with UV TV service.


I can't get into the ATT site to view the prices/offers (common situation for some as of late!).

But looking at the Account Mgr. on TV, Pro shows Starting at $35.


Maybe they are giving you a discount for Pro for a certain period?


I would definitely call on Monday and see what the deal is.  Does the email have the same confirmation order number they gave over the phone/online?



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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

I took print of checkout page which they mention ,

Order Number : BJ..

ATT U-verseHigh speed Internet <BR>Pro -D . Monthly Charges : 19.95

Uverse Modem with wireless router $75


Total billed to customer : 94.95 (tax not included)



Then  I received 3 emails from them.


Sub : Order received for ATT high speed internet


Your AT&T online confirmation id is: BJH..........




Sub : ATT Uverse Order confirmation

Billing Account Number (BAN): 1106......

Service Activation Date: 8:00 PM on 2011-04-15 23:59:59


Your Order Summary
Monthly Recurring Charges
AT&T U-verse Internet $35 .00
Residential Gateway $0 .00
Total Monthly Recurring Charges $35 .00


One Time Charges
Installation of AT&T U-verse Internet $0 .00
Modem $75 .00
   *Additional charges paid prior to installation,
   including any paid at the point of sale, may
   not be displayed.
Total One Time Charges $75 .00


Sub : Your Att Order #BJ......


AT&T DSL Information:
Your request for DSL service is complete.
New Service:
The Account Number associated with your DSL service is 1106...



I will make call on Monday for clarification but if I go to att site they still show me 19.95 for new customers for a year only 6Mbps cost is 24.95


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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

I totally believe the discrepancy!  Sometimes I think one dept. doesn't know what the other one is doing. Smiley Sad


When I had regular DSL, they were always dropping the price; it was never an automatic adjustment, I had to call.  And this was from seeing an ad on TV or in my bill.  Back in those days, it wasn't found online like it is today.


If they give you any flack, come back and let us know.  You have written proof!  Good luck!

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

spd2demun wrote:




I have Elite, which is $40/mo. (I think everyone's prices went up $5 in Feb.--Elite was $35), and there's a double-pack discount of $10 for combining that with UV TV service.


Actually, the internet price increase occurred on February 1, 2010.  You were grandfathered in at the old price until February 1, 2011.  New customers had already been paying the higher prices during the previous year.  Thus, it was only those who had the lower grandfathered pricing who experienced an internet price increase on February 1, 2011.

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m


Hi again,


Did make that phone call just now. Lady on other end confirmed that it is the standard email that gets sent out to everyone no matter new or old customer. And 19.95 will be reflected in the 3rd bill.  One more thing she said, is this fiber optic connection while she was trying to locate my details, to which I said no and told it is U verse D. She said that's what it is! Is Uverse Fiber optic ? I don't have any fiber connection coming to my house/unit Smiley Very Happy What now?

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

That's good!  Be sure and watch your bill just in case the wrong amount slips through.


Uverse is fiber optics, but most of us have copper (coax, if you will) for the *last mile*.  Mostly new construction gets all fiber to the home.  It's misleading when ATT phone personnel cannot clarify the difference. Smiley Sad  I know we were told everything would be wired indoors (TV and HSI) with Ethernet and fiber outside...NOT!  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

Smiley Very Happy Yeah I'll be watchful.


Thanks for the clarification about fiber optics , Uverse and ins and outs Smiley Happy


thanks and take care.

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

YW, and good luck with that bill, and enjoy your UV HSI.

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

So after 3 months of happiness, now I had to come here and dig open this old thread again.


Being new customer I was supposed to get one year promotional rate of 19.95,  but my current bill shows $35 due on Aug 20 and 1 year is not over  yet !


So I call their customer billing support number, talk with lady for 15-20 minutes including waiting time. She tells me she will forward a note to billing system and it will get relfected in about a month but I have to pay 35 this month so while I started confirming what she told me earlier, she said "Oh you know what I am in North carolina and you are in Chicago, let me transfer you to Chicago customer team, Okay?" I said okay and there starts waiting,  I waited for 40 minutes and operators were always busy  and so I hang up. Can't spend more money on my cell phone minutes(pay as I go). So this phone call afterall was a waste.


I know it wouldn' t help much just by writing here but thought I'd write for those who care ..

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

Did you try using the online chat service to get this resolved?

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

Nope. I think chat support people ask us to call that 1-800.. number for billing issues.  Wonder if chat can be useful, I will tr y that if you think it can be useful.

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Re: 19.95 or $35 p/m

People have posted that they got several issues resolved using the chat service. 

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