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iPad and Forum Questions


iPad and Forum Questions

I've got a new iPad and am still learning.  I ran into two issues regarding this forum.


1.  Even though the auto login option is on, I have to manually log in every time I return to the site--I do not logout, I either close Safari or go to another site.  Can I stay logged in on an iPad, and if so, how?


2.  I tried earlier to insert a hyperlink into a reply.  I was able to copy or cut a link and paste it into the dialog box that pops up when the chain icon is pressed; but there is no OK button, nor return option on the keyboard that allows the link to be inserted into the reply.  I do not use a separate Bluetooth keyboard as yet, and the return button (visible now as I type) is replaced by a "Go" button when typing in the dialog box, and pressing Go results in an immediate closing of Safari.  How can I insert a hyperlink from my iPad?


I'm a low-tech iPad newbie, and I couldn't find an answer online--any suggestions?  Thanks!



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Re: iPad and Forum Questions

Hi docbombay,


I am sorry to hear of the problem you are experiencing.


I will be sending you a PM so that I may gather some more details about this scenario.



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