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Your forum account creation page sucks


Your forum account creation page sucks

I have not seen such a crappy account creation page in a long time.  Your data verification sucks.  I went so far as to copy and paste the password into the password verification box and your validation processes still could not determine that the password was the same.


Also, you stating that I cannot use att in my user name?  I have att in my name.  What crappy regular expressions you wield. 

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Re: Your forum account creation page sucks

Hello, razorback_1998!


Thanks for posting. We appreciate your feedback, and I will definitely forward your comments so we can look into this for you.


If you don't mind, we would also appreciate more information. Do you mind sending me a private message with the original user name you were trying to register?


If there's anything else you'd like to add, please let me know!



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Re: Your forum account creation page sucks

On the att in the user name, my last name is watts.  I was attempting to use my last name as a part of my username.  As you can see, att is square in the middle.  

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Re: Your forum account creation page sucks

Just wanted to add that not being able to login with neither uverse or wireless service account is extremely exhausting. Not to mention almost every part of att requires its seperate log-in credentials.


Wireless service? Create account.

Home phone? Create another account.

uverse? Create another account.

Forums? Create yet another account.


Its been years since I've had a landline with att but iirc, you can use your phone number as your account log-in and you could link accounts together. Okay....?


All I do have to say about all this though, is that your wireless customer service is probably your best and most helpful department.

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Re: Your forum account creation page sucks

This is very true. Other companies have it so 1 account is shared for all services. ATT Should fix this and allow att to be in the middle of somones name. I can understand them not wanting somone called like att tech or whatever and pretending to be from att but just blocking everything with att should be fixed.

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