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Sellers posing as AT&T


Sellers posing as AT&T

Several of my neighbors in a community forum have been complaining about aggressive and suspicious door-to-door sellers claiming to be AT&T. All descriptions say they are in a white, unmarked van and do not have on shirts with AT&T logos. This is in a neighborhood in west Knoxville, TN. Would AT&T ever have contracted sales people to canvas neighborhoods like this? I'm retired from BellSouth/AT&T. It sure doesn't sound right. Please advise.
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Re: Sellers posing as AT&T

All door to door agents are working for a contractor that I am aware of.


Generally receive buzz word training, working on commissions, the contractor educates, drops off and picks up these commissioned sales force. Those in our area do have ATT shirts and generally have seen them in pairs, suspect for safety reasons as a lot of them seem to be collage age females. (Part time job).

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