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SPAM w/subject of "AUTO RESPONSE' dumped to Inbox


SPAM w/subject of "AUTO RESPONSE' dumped to Inbox

About a month ago, I sent an e-mail to AT&T's abuse address regarding some spam. AT&T's sent a formatted reply with a subject header of "Auto Response' back to me.  After that reply from AT&T, my Inbox became deluged every day with spam e-mails - ALL with the subject header of 'Auto Response'.  Prior to this event, I had never had any such e-mails delivered to my Inbox. I've since notified AT&T, but nothing has changed.  Has anyone else incurred this situation recently? Any suggestions?

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Re: SPAM w/subject of "AUTO RESPONSE' dumped to Inbox

Sounds like you got into some loop, how I have no idea.


ATT only can do something that comes from an ATT users computer, not a Spam email you receive.


You have to look at the header of the Spam email to see the first Received from, that's who sent the email.  Then look up that website and send it to their abuse rep. Smiley Wink



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Re: SPAM w/subject of "AUTO RESPONSE' dumped to Inbox

We are getting the same Auto response spam emails every day and the unsubscribe does not work. We are Charter subscribers, not AT&T. Since these spam emails have come from many different vendors, there is no way to contact each one and complain as the reply below has suggested. I would hope that the internet carriers would find a way to stop this annoying spam. I have forwarded over 50 copies of the spam to spam@uce.gov in hopes they would stop it but no luck. So far I am just filling up my spam folders with the junk.

Any help would be great!!!!

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