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wireless laptop cannot communicate with bridge


wireless laptop cannot communicate with bridge

The AT&T tech connected a Linksys router as a bridge to our 2WIRE RG.  All the local equipment(including my printer) is connected to the Linksys router (  All the wireless devices (most importantly my laptop) connect to the 2WIRE RG ( Now I cannot print because the printer is connected to the 192.168 network.  I cannot ping the Linksys router or the printer.  Since I don't really want to hang around for the tech to return can someone tell me what the settings should be on either one (or both) of the routers so that I can get back to work?  Thanks.

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Re: wireless laptop cannot communicate with bridge

You should probably disable wireless on the 2Wire router, and enable wireless on the Linksys. That way everything (wired and wireless) will be in 192.168.1.x.
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