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wifi half the speed of LAN


wifi half the speed of LAN

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen!



currently paying for 24mb/s down on the max turbo internet uverse plan.

connected through lan (ps4 or my laptop) i get 23-24mb/s down on speed test .net

unpluged on wifi (laptop or cell phone) i get 11-12mb/s down.


What i've done:

I've done what i believe is most of the basics.

cleared my own browser histories.

unpluged my router/modem for 5 minutes (the site said 10 seconds but i got distracted)

had every deviece in the house turned off / unpluged 

still the same results.


on my old accout at my old appt.

i had the same situation. through my own testing i discovered and realized it was the wifi (after plugging in my laptop and then unpugging my laptop.)

a tech came out and best he said was we tried moving my modem around the room (away from any glass or mirrors) and i have a direct line of sight to the modem. he brought up two other units we set them up and each one had the same result.


my questions.

is this just At&T's standard? wifi is half the speed of what your paying for? (and getting because again, plugged in is getting the proper 24mb/s down)

is there any way i can fix this on my end?

is there a way they can fix it on their end?


my understanding of att uverse routers is i can not replace it with a store bought higher end router because of some magic(i read into it a while ago).


side note, cellphone and laptops are both new and i know my cell phone has b/g/n for wifi.


any suggestions, tips, advice. would be great.

i'm really not looking forward to a phone call having to go though all the tiers of tech support when i get home from work.


thank you for your time and reading this, and responding if you do.




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Re: wifi half the speed of LAN

Suspect your still in an Multi dwelling unit (MDU) experiencing interference, as speeds are good hardwired...

Download a free program such as inSSIDer or Wifi Analyzer, look for least used or congested channels.
Main channls are 1, 6, 11 as no overlapping.

To change channel, will need password on side of RG, set to manual input channel, save.

If just crowded bands on 2.4ghz frequencies then may wish to purchase your own dual band N router and set up behind RG in DMZ or IP passthrough mode. Using a 5ghz dual band hopefully less congestion.

If not wanting o make the investment, then either always connect hardwired or have lower wifi speeds.
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Re: wifi half the speed of LAN

thank you for the quick response.

wifi analyzer shows my signal strength bouncing around -40 dBm


and it shows 3 other wifi's all spread out, it looks like it picked the best spot on its own.

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Re: wifi half the speed of LAN

These gateways RARELY pick the best channel on it's own. If it's not on 1,6, or 11 then I suggest you change it to either one of those and see what's the best out of those three.

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