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why is my bill so high


why is my bill so high

My bill in the last 5 months has been outrages for U-verse and internet, We have been att customers with uverse, cell phones and internet for about 4 years..... we had cell service with att for 15 years.  i called to find out why my uverse bill is so High. although she was very nice I did not recieve any comfort in knowing I'm screwed unless I go to another company. 190.00 for tv and internet is just out of line. At&t is really pushing me over the edge. then with 2 iphones it's another 170.00. I have been with you long enough to get better treatment. on top of that our uverse and internet service cuts off around 3 times a day, everyday. then you got to wait on it to load up. The prices going up and the service going down seems to me like you need some new managemnet to show people how to treat customers betterand keep business instead of chasing it away. My uverse bill needs to be lowered so reach into the drawer or call a supervisor over and pull out your magic discount stick and wave it over my bill a couple times. if no deal can be made soon I will have to explore my options. Thank You and have a safe and wonderful summer...

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Re: why is my bill so high

Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you. Please include your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. It may take up to 48 hours for them to respond and please take into account weekends when contacting them.  


Customer care is not the same as customer service. They are a dedicated escalation team that gets issues resolved when other means have failed.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope. 

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