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why did they tell me my account was paid for when it wasn't.


why did they tell me my account was paid for when it wasn't.

Worst cell phone company I've ever been with. I have been loyal to AT&T for years and they have completely screwed me over as this loyalty to them has never even existed. I recently signed up for automatic draft from my checking account. The bill was supposed to be drafted on the 15th, so on Nov. 15th at 9:45 am I received this text message: AT&T Free Msg: Payment Confirmation ######### for $222.49 paid 11/15/13 Noted to account ######## on 11/15/13 visit us at After this message was received I was relieved knowing that my bill was paid for. On Nov. 29 my service was completely cut off without any notification whatsoever. I found a phone and contacted customer service. Apparently I had insufficient funds on the 15th even though they sent me a text message saying that my account was paid for. So because I had insufficient funds they said it was completely my fault and I had to pay the bill before my service could be cut back on even though on the 15th they said my account was paid for. Now my question is, why did they tell me my account was paid for when it wasn't. So I'm lead to believe my account is fine when in reality imy service is pending cancellation. If I had known about this problem when it happens the. I could have take. Care of it and not had my service shut off. Second my account was overdrawn $80 to AT&T that is not at all reflected on my bill. So I paid $80 for nothing, don't have any service, and this was all done with out any notification whatsoever. Seems to me like AT&T is looking to make a little extra money on reconnection fees. Lastly when I called customer service they took absolutely no fault in the fact that the told me my account was paid for when it actually wasn't or that they never attempted to contact me by phone, e-mail, or text to let me know that my account was pending cancelation. Thank you AT&T. Oh and the only way to get this resolved, is to mail them a letter addressing my complaint or just paying the bill along with reconnection fees and the $80's which was withdrawn from my account that I have no idea where it went. So I'm posting this everywhere I can to show everybody the lousy customer service and cell phone contracts that AT&T has. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH AT&T!!!

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Re: why did they tell me my account was paid for when it wasn't.

Hey Joshuajdm,


I really understand how frustrating it must be. We here at ATT are trying to juggle an actually rather complex interaction, while doing things in your favor as much as possible

Your typical payment goes through several confirmation/transactions when you submit it.


When we first send a payment request to your bank/card company, there an initial confirmation that the information is valid. There's additional confirmations as make sure that they've sent the money to us, ect.


I'm sure that this is a gross oversimplification, punctuated with forms/legal requests, ect, but the point is, for most places, the process takes a few days to complete. For simplicity sake, we assume if there wasn't a typo, (we would get an immediate denial if that happens usually), it'll come through and we reflect it paid on the bill.


If the payment fails for some reason, (like if you deposit it in the bank, but the funds aren't available), we'll wait and try again a few times. Only after we've tried a few times, or if the bank gives us a good reason not to keep retrying, we stop. Only after all that do we finally figure we're not goign to get it, and reflect the charges back onto the account.


Until we've given up on it, we figure it was paid in good faith and either is just taking its time, or isn't available yet.

We basically give you the benefit-of-the-doubt for as long as possible.

When we can't anymore, we put the balance back,  we basically treat it as unpaid.

Occasionally we send notices, but at that point we've figured we've done our part to make every effort to do what we should've done.


Like any unpaid balance, once you get too far behind, you'll see an interuption, unless you've setup an extension.




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