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where is the technician?


where is the technician?

Simple question: what is the first appointment of a day? If a technician doesn't show up during the first available time slot from 8am to 12pm (god knows why that much time is need to get to a place), where is his "first appointment" of the day? No calls, no emails, and online status still says "on-time" at 12pm,


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Re: where is the technician?

Hello, and welcome...dd a tech arrive, if so about what time?
Generally installs are dispatched first 9-11 appointments followed by 8-12 repairs, as most techs start at eight, garage time, restock truck, dispatch and drive time, unless you are within 5 miles of garage rare will see anybody before 9, a very few are home garaged meaning dispatch straight from home (take vehicle home at night) and may arrive earlier, but rare not normal.
After installs are dispatched then repairs, this could be dispatched anytime before noon plus drive....I am a late tech (noon start) that generally starts at 10, pick up a repair that is 30 to 50 miles away, out of garage by 10:20 after restock, should be there by noon, plus time to do actual repair.
Others may start at eight, and pick up repair after completion of install.
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