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web site filtering


web site filtering

I'm assembling a small network at my church which will be using Uverse for internet access.  One of our concerns is web site filtering both to protect the network itself and to remain compliant with CIPA and our own "Safe Church" policies. At least one workstation will be "public" and individuals and organizations using the building will be provided with internet access.


I've been looking at the service provided by  However, I also find that, unless I'm missing something, I can't override the DNS settings on the  5168NV-116 gateway.  Because of the BYOD approach, a device specific solution such as McAfee would not be completely effective. Nor would ATT's parental control capabilities since they appear tied to a specific device and accoutn as well.


An appliance such as a Barracuda would be ideal but that's well beyond our resources.


Any suggestions?



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Re: web site filtering

Well, I answered my own question in a test environment with the addition of an Airport Time Capsule to my home network which also connected thru Uverse.  Following the steps here I was able to put the RG into bridge mode.  That allowed me to specify the DNS settings I wanted, in this case OpenDNS. So far everything is working swimmingly.

While the planned network will not be using an Airport but rather one of the Sonicwall TZ firewalls, at least I now have a feel for what to expect.

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