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vpn issues motorola NVG589


vpn issues motorola NVG589

Having tons of problems with a thin client work at home computer that uses a vpn to connect for work.  i've tried about every setting imaginable in the firewall, even tried to do the ip passthrough for that device's mac ID, nothing works.  ATT tech support is useless.  theyve bounced me around for days, sending me to different departments - ATT Connect, to Tech 360, to Uverse tech support, etc, everyone says it's for another department.  Finally, I thought I got somewhere with ATT Connect, they charged me $50 one time fee, just to tell me 30 min. later they can't help.  They refunded my $50, but that's not the point.... ATT is saying it's a computer issue, but this computer has been replaced, and both had the same issue.  can't imagine 2 different computers, BOTH of which work at different locations, yet neither works here, can't be the computer in my opinion.  The only thing that seems to make sense is that there's a setting somewhere that is blocking or limiting access for this computer. 


I'm a layman - not incredibly well versed in these things.  HELP - i'm at my wit's end.  next step will be to cancel att, penalty or not, as i'm not going to continue this dance anymore.....


I've already ordered another ISP that will work as stand alone for that computer, but i'm hoping a working answer here will avoid that extra monthly fee...

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Re: vpn issues motorola NVG589

Hi atx steve m,


I am so sorry about the inconveniences, but I will be glad to help. With the VPN tunnel, do you know what protocol they are using?


The main problem I usually see when it comes to this issue is that the VPN router is blocking off a certain set of IP addresses. If you know the IP address of the VPN router, you can try to do a trace route to it to see where it is stopping. But one thing to check is to go to a site like to get your IP address and see if the VPN host is blocking that IP.


Hope this helps.


-David T

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