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uverse equipment stinks ----no response from att


uverse equipment stinks ----no response from att

best of 200+/ 5 hours of tv per week if im lucky....mostly blues games....2 nd reboot in one week....signal stinks....any advice? besides switching.....

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Re: uverse equipment stinks ----no response from att

Hi Hirls,


I greatly apologize about the issues you are having with your U-verse services, but I will be glad to help. I will have my team send you a private message to look into your account further, so we can get your U-verse services working the way they should.


-David T

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: uverse equipment stinks ----no response from att

While I've ranted a bit about the still unresolved email client issue I'm having, other than that U-verse service has been top notch. While on the phone with Support the AT&T person noticed some minor "line problems".


Keep in mind I didn't see any problems, nor complain about any with the TV picture quality being high. I bought the U300 package which tops out at 18 MBPS and have been averaging 19 for download speeds. They sent a field tech out the next day. Poor guy had to trudge back and forth from his truck to the box at the far end of my property through 15 inches of snow in near zero temperatures and was tweaking things for 30 minutes or so and after the picture quality was a tad better and Internet speeds now averaging over 20 MBPS.


Contrast that to my old provider that always had signal strength issues and never managed to really fix and on their last visit game me 2 new HDMI cables saying its something with your equipment, don't bother us.

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