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uVerse install nightmare


uVerse install nightmare

I have already PM customer care about this.

On June 14, 2013 I called AT&T to discuss lowering or disconnecting my home phone service and was talked into signing up for uVerse. Saturday, June 29, 2013 was the day for install. The friendly technician showed up on time and quickly discovered an issue with the outside line. He placed a work order around 10am and said he would stay for one hour and install the power panel and hopefully ...the person will answer the work order during that time and then he can finish the install.

Well the work order was not answered in the hour so the tech left. Around 2:00 the person showed up to work on the line problem.  That was finished around 2:45. My husband called around 3:45 to check on the status and was connected with some call center that was not helpful and was told it would be July 11 before they could come back out. My husband explained how that was unacceptable and asked to speak with a supervisor. He was ultimately disconnected from the call. Meanwhile, we have no home phone and no Internet.

I called and spoke to a rep and he was able to get us moved to July 2 between 9-11 but someone will have to be home. I work for a living.  Not acceptable

I was told everyone in the area is already on overtime and no one can come back today. Again, I currently have no home phone or Internet. Not acceptable.

I was escalated to a supervisor who was unable to do any better than the July 2nd date. I asked to speak to that

person's supervisor. Again, I have no home phone and no Internet. Not acceptable.  I was told the manager would call me back. 


I either wanted my original service restored until the install can be completed or have the install completed that day. I don't think I am being too unreasonable.

You would think if a company was offering a service to customers they would have enough staff hired to accommodate the demand. I am very disappointed.

How can a company think it is acceptable to begin a job and not finish it? I am being charged a flat monthly fee for phone and Internet and now I can use what I am being charged for. I was offered a free month of Internet but I am not sure that is enough compensation.


I did receive a call back from a manager and she could not improve the situation.  When I asked to speak to her supervisor, she informed me that they did not take calls.  Ludacris!  I explained how this was NOT my problem, but in fact AT&T's problem and I am being told to accept something becuase they messed up.


I asked for a record of times when dispatch was notified the service workorder had been completed and was told that information was not accessible.  I have a hard time believing that a company as large as AT&T doesn't have that information.


She agreed to credit my bill $100 but I think I deserve more.  I should not pay for the install or activation of $49.00 for uverse and I should receive a much bigger credit on my bill.


Day 2 - Sunday, June 30, 2013 I called to really try and figure out and understand why they can't just revert my home phone service to what it was before this all began and actually spoke to someone who was able to direct me to residential services.

Well that rep said that my phone line doesn't show to be disconnected until July 2 so there must be a problem on the inside. Uh, no.  Nothing happened on the inside of my house yesterday. A new line was ran from the main box in the neighborhood to my house and now my home phone doesn't work. That same line is still laying across the ally, in my lawn, across my driveway and up to the house. The service tech told my husband to try and not run over it with the lawnmower. Seriously?

The rep at residential service  said they could have a service tech come back out tomorrow, July 1. Not acceptable. It's not like a storm knocked out my phone line. AT&T did and now they are expecting me to rearrange my life so it is convenient for them. I have to work for living and I will not be taking off work for this. I was told a customer advocate would return my call.  I wasn't holding my breath though.

I now understand why I never changed anything before and just kept paying more than necessary for phone and Internet. I think they are bullying me to accept their terms and schedules.

The first rep I spoke with on Saturday, June 29 was the only one to actually improved the situation. Every supervisor and manager since then has been of no help and has done nothing to make me want to remain a customer.

I will be researching other Internet and tv companies tomorrow and I am not sure I will stay with AT&T. After 22 years of loyalty on my part I think it is time to end this relationship. It is so disappointing to be treated like this.

I would love to know where this entire thing derailed. I wonder who dropped the ball. Soneone should be reprimanded for this. I think some procedural changes should be implemented to avoid this kind of thing in the future.


Well the customer advocate actually called me back and he could not get a service tech out to restore my dial tone until Monday, July 1.  That is not right but what choice did I have.  AT&T had lollygagged around for 36 hours with my account and now I have to take what they offer.


The customer advocate did indicate it sounded like we were put at the end of the line after the service call was completed. He said the install should have been completed on Saturday and I should not have had to go through this.


Everytime I called the customer service number, I was told there was nothing that could be done until July 2.  Never once was it offered to revert me back to a tradtional landline until I point blank asked and insisted.


Furthermore, every time I have called they have a call back number of my home phone WHICH IS DISCONNECTED!!!!  Obviously that information did not process in the 24-36 hours I had dealt with this.


According to under "our values" section, AT&T claims one of the values as:


Build strong customer relationships

  • Understand what our customers want and deliver it. - FAIL
  • Ensure we are as valuable to our customers as they are to us. - FAIL
  • Enable employees to make good decisions for our customers. - FAIL
  • Solve problems and make things easy. - FAIL
  • Empower consumers to use technology safely and securely. - NOT APPLICABLE in this situation.


This is far from over,  I am still considering dropping everything AT&T.

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Re: uVerse install nightmare

Sorry to hear of your experience, the uverse tech did as instructed, made his connections and placed a ticket for help, he returned the install (meaning not happening that day) picking up the next job in a overbooked Saturday (Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest days for installs...scheduled only Mon-Sat...Sundays are repairs only no installs)
The outside tech corrected the wiring and should have (his responsiblity) rewire at cross box restoring phone service and create a ticket for your DSL to be reactivated. Once his ticket is closed the order goes back to dispatch to schedule new install date, you were able to get this moved up but would not have needed to if original service(s) restored.
Your request to temporary restore a service that was to be switched again is not unreasonable but I suspect the best that could have happened was for phones (POTS) to be restored and you would need to call for phone repair NOT uverse support as they want to get you off of POTS (regulated service).
Summary: originally pots with DSL internet, attempt to install uverse hsia with voip. Outside tech should have done this after fixing line issue. When service not restored needed to contract old line support for tech dispatch on repair not uverse who could only install new product as ordered on next available date. Hope this helps.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: uVerse install nightmare

Thanks for the info.  I completely agree with you that the service tech should have reconnected us.  When I called the first time, I asked for them to restore me back to what I was before until U-Verse could come and finish the install.  My chief complaint was that I did not have phone service.  The number I called was the standard 1-800-288-2020 and they never offered to restore me back until I called on the second day and specifically reported that I had no dial tone. They actually told me that they were not able to restore me back because the U-Verse installation process had already began. Sounds like they were afraid of losing a sale.


My husband specifically asked the repair tech if we would have dial tone when he finish repairing the line and he was told "no, the U-Verse tech will take care of that."  It was unbeknownst to the repair tech that the U-Verse tech would not be back out that same day. Sounds like a lot of mis-communication and poor coordination between repair and U-Verse.


As a follow-up, the repair tech came out yesterday and now I have dial tone.  U-Verse is supposed to come today and complete the install. We will see.


I was pleased with the techniciains who came to my home for the most part, my problem is really more with the customer service departments and their lack of wanting to help.

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