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u-verse voice randomly no dial tone/shown as "unregistered"


u-verse voice randomly no dial tone/shown as "unregistered"


Since last week (when I came back from vac) my u-verse voice line has been acting up, my phone would randomly not get dial tone and when I login the 2wire 3801 it show the voice line as "unregistered", the phone light on the router would also went off.  I tried plugging in a corded phone directly into router to verify it's not my internal phone line issue.  TV and internet still works fine without issue.  If I reboot the router the voice line will come back but then randomly couple hours later I will get no dial tone again.  I'd schedule appointment and a tech came visit this past Sunday and said that it's some voice line provisioning issue.  I'd this same issue maybe 5-6 months ago and swapping out the 3801 fixed the problem that time, I want to get it swapped again, but since it happened again the tech is reluctant to swap it and said it could be the ups/power strip my power outlet affecting the voice provisioning or my internal network traffic is somehow affecting the provisioning (I'd an asus router dmzed behind the 2wire).


We swapped out the power strip and the ups and I'm still having issue.  From Monday afternoon until Tuesday night it was working fine I thought at&t might have fixed something on their end but it starts getting no dial tone again starting last night, this is getting very frustrating, the tech mentioned they got this marked so if I'd problem again this will get escalated but I thought I might get better help here before I filed another ticket.  I'm not sure why it happened again but I would like to swap the router again if possible to rule that hw out.



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Re: u-verse voice randomly no dial tone/shown as "unregistered"

argh now RG not even getting back voice if I reboot.... login router and show both lines as "no subscribed service"...... did online troubleshot and getting replacement RG.

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Re: u-verse voice randomly no dial tone/shown as "unregistered"

Hi @waver368,


I am so sorry about the issues you are having with your U-verse voice services, but I will be glad to help. I would think it is a router issue, because even if the phone is not plugged into the router, it should still have a phone light. I will have my team send a private message to you, so we can follow with you on this.


-David T

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Re: u-verse voice randomly no dial tone/shown as "unregistered"


received the replacement RG last friday, at first after swapping the voice line still didn't work, but there's a note in package that says something about swapping the router after 8 pm PST, I rebooted the router after 8pm and the voice line starts working, no problem so far the last few days so it was indeed a RG issue (though not sure why I've ran into this twice).



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