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u-verse unauthorized plan change


u-verse unauthorized plan change

I sought new internet and home phone services by Verizon and, once Verizon does not provide services in my new address I have agreed to be transfered from them to ATT (kick-back?) and ordered BY PHONE A SUGGESTED Internet Max and 200 Voice for a promotional price of $39.95 / month and I DID NOT AGREE with any installation, activation or whatever one-time chargeS there would be and I repeatedly told so to the rep, who also added a $100 reward card to my order to cover for any eventual "other charges" that there would be.

I needed internet and phone service in my home and I did not know that it would come that shaddy and a vague sales conversation in exactly 30 minutes, but I laid out very clear my specific agreement to what I can afford with my current budget and there are no laws in our entire deceptive human world to make me agree and follow otherwise. I bet you.


Ordered 11/16/13 and due date 11/20/13 (Self-Installation Date after 8pm) 


When I completed the self-installation (11/20/13) I had no phone device to plug in as required and the (made in China) router does not offer compatibility to access home phone line from my PC and system. Whatever. I postponed plugging in a phone device for later.


When I accessed my ATT-U-Verse online (11/21/13) I saved whatever Terms of Services and Agreement statements which were in there and also saved MY ORIGINAL ORDER STATUS AND DETAILS of 11/16/13.


As I scrolled down to details of charges to my order I very well noticed a total of $149 one-time charges, which I DID NOT AUTHORIZE OR AGREE WITH in the first place over the phone.

And no, more vague and obscure are the names given to these charges: Internet Gateway ($33), Activation Fee ($16.33), U-Verse Technology ($100), U-Verse High Speed Internet ($49) and "All Other Services" ($99) Really, human beings are human beings, you can't dumb fold your consumers as something you take as weak prey.


On 11/22/13 I called the billing department. Contact thru Chat is another deceptive practice. The chat contact/connection does not exist, even though, there is a button to the chat portal that never will work.

When I got on the phone with the billing "specialist" I immediately informed that I do not agree with the one-time charges listed in my order and the rep told me that I would receive the reward card of $100 in 4-6 weeks from the order date and it would take care of a part of the bill, while I could postpone payment in the billing option until I would get to redeem the given reward. There would be only a $49 remainder of one-time charges to pay. So I finally gave up on the argument and agreed with that $49 (x1) plus my $39.95 / month for my first bill.


On 12/03/13 I received per email my first paperless bill with 12/22/13 due date. I marked it to follow up for next day (I have been busy working! Honesty doesn't hurt). On 12/04/13 I got opportunity to get a phone device to plug in... and to my surprise the service was disabled. I checked the gateway settings and saw the phone port as "disabled". So, as I went to my account to check on my bill and dowloaded it, I had a completely different plan, pricing and no phone service at all!!! Really!

And you want to charge me for your "U-Verse Technology" or whatever "All Other Services" a whooping $149 - NOT HAPPENING!!! YOU HAVE PROVEN YOURSELF UNWORTHY THE VALUE YOU CHARGE!!! AND THERE IS A BREECH ON MY PRIVACY RIGHTS TOO! WHAT'S ABOUT I CHARGE YOU BACK WOOPING $$$ FOR AGRAVATING ME FOR NOTHING?????????????!


Today 11/05/13 I called again the billing department to demand correction of my billing to my original order and due to unauthorized modifications and charges to my plan. There I get an antagonizing rep saying that "CANNOT DO THAT OR ANYTHING FOR THAT MATTER"... Story made short. I am about to report this case to the FCC and I will do more to cover for the entire deceptive procedures and aggravation.


I am resorting to this forum as a last chance for you to correct your crooks. I do not have much to lose. You do.



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Re: u-verse unauthorized plan change

Wait, did you just threaten a HUGE company?

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Re: u-verse unauthorized plan change

Sorry to hear of misunderstanding, the sales rep did not explain (educate) properly.

On ordering internet service only or internet/voip (phone) services,
ATT requires a RG (residential gateway) which is a $100 purchase (Uverse Technology)
and a $49 activation fee. (high speed internet) which based on your post was set up as three installments of $33 and $16.33.

The $100 visa card offsets the RG purchase price, leaving the activation fee.

This is posted on website
And agreed to by you when you registered your internet....checked by box which states have read and agreed to terms of services including installation fees, if did not agree, service is declined.

Second issue there are two $39.95, one is 12 month INTERNET ONLY MAX (12M) $51 minus $11.05 discount for 12 months.
The other is INTERNET PRO (3M) with 200 VOIP for 39.95 for 12 months. Normal PRO $41 + 200 $25 total 67 minus discount.

If you signed up internet and phones for $39.95 then 3M internet should be your speed. If you decided wanted faster internet (12M) for same price and had not activated phone service, then your package was changed ideally at your request.

In checking the uverse bundle website you may order MAX internet with 200 VOIP for 44.95 for 12 months, this is a discount of $31.05, after 12 months normal price $76.

At this point in time recommend calling 800 number during normal MONDAY to FRIDAY hours and ask for RETENTIONS.
Retentions is intent to cancel, their job isto work with you and find the acceptable solution.

I am interested in your original email order (internet speed plan, voip) if was indeed for PRO (3M) at that price or a different speed. Generally what is posted on website is what is availabe. ATT BUNDLE PACKAGES, build your own bundle.

If I can help to answer any more questions, please post...thank you.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: u-verse unauthorized plan change

Hello Telo5, welcome to the forums.


I apologize for a misunderstanding and any frustration it has caused you. This forum is a peer to peer community but we do have a team of amazing social media care managers that can review your account and go over your options with you. Please send us a private message by clicking here with your full name, phone number, U-verse account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,




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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: u-verse unauthorized plan change

The matter has been take care of and resolved in full. Thank you for your referral/reference and the immediate following of your team! I have also promptly paid the bill and for the account I had originally ordered. Thank you!

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