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When I access my DVR via the internet, the Search feature in the guide is useless.  Even if I type a show title exactly, the seach is no matches found.  Try this with Marvel's Agents of S.H,I,E.L.D. or Masters of S**.


This is true even if the show appears in the guide.

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Re: search

Just went to the Web Remote and enter marvel, Marvels Agenst of SHEILD came up 3d. Smiley Surprised


Got the same results on Uverse Online as you, didn't even recognize it. Smiley Mad



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Re: search

That came up as someone's previous search, but when I clicked on it, no
program found.


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Re: search

The search feature is very bad. You should be able to improve it with all the resources you have. Come on.

When you do this, it should not be case sensitive. I searched for farmhouse rules on the Food Network. The search didn't work, but scrolling through the guide did. Then I went back and capitalized Farmhouse and it worked--really people. You can do better. Call Amazon or Google. They know how to do it.
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