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can anyone tell me way it takes 10 hops to get on comcast ibone 40 miles away and then 7 more to get to the northeast ny., nj. and comcast ibone is so slowwww at night.

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Re: routing

Could see if Google DNS might be better.


Good luck Smiley Wink




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Re: routing

I'm in California. It's like that here. From my laptop to (Google's big router), 8 hops, at least 2 of which will time out on a Tracert. Some of those that time out look like they are internal to AT&T, probably in the same building. If I Telnet into my server, not on AT&T's network, and do a tracerout, 4 hops, no timeouts. AT&T networking needs to sponsor a forum where they can include their subscribers into their perception of and work on their routing.

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