"TV has jumped to live TV"

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"TV has jumped to live TV"

This has happened more than once:  I pause live TV on a STB for a short period of time....maybe 10-15 mins.  When I unpause it and try to resume where I left off, it will jump to live TV with message saying "TV has jumped to live TV..." and then something else which I can't remember and I miss part of the program.  This does not happen on the DVR.  Just the STBs.


I know that there's a 1 hr. buffer on the DVR but what about the STBs? Has anyone else experienced this and why is it happening?

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

If your install is coax, check and make sure all of your connections are tight.  If you have done that call ts using the number in my sig and ask the csr to run a test on your service.  If you still don't get any resolution post back here and let us know.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

So, I called Tech support and was told i have line issues. They sent a Tech out who said all my lines test good and he can't see any problem.  I told him several times about the jumping to live tv and he just kind of blew it off. Never gave me a reason or a solution other than replacing my dvr. This has not fixed the problem. Although, with the new dvr everything seems to respond faster.(I used to have a 3 - 5 second delay when changing channels). He also told me that they know there are bugs in the new software update and they are working on them, 'please be patient we'll get it sorted out'.  So, I've taken to hit the record button before I pause live tv so I don't miss anything.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

Contact David by clicking on the hyper link in my sig.  He is a UV prem tech who has helped a lot of people.  Send him your info and he or a member of his staff will be in touch with you.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

My runs are all CAT5.


Mind you, I've just experienced this at another U-Verse household.  Same DVRs, VIP1225.  One has the silver remotes, mine has the newer black remotes.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

Then I say contact David.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

I've had this occur to me 10-12 times in the last couple of months. 

Sometimes, live TV was paused for a few minutes with nothing else being recorded.

Sometimes, yesterday, I was just watching live TV and went to the guide and the message came on the screen.


I also have a local HD station's channel just refuse to play almost every night. I can record it, but not watch it live.


I've been trying to watch all my recorded shows so I can do a full disaster recovery reset of the DVR (VIP-1225).

I plan on doing that this evening. 


We'll see if that solves it, but I don't have much real hope. I think the software is just bad. This is my 3rd box, BTW.


I really like Uverse when it works, but there always seems to be something that does not.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

Have you tried doing a hard reboot of the RG and the dvr?  First unplug the ac cable from the RG for 30 seconds and then reconnect it.  After it reboots do the same thing with the dvr.  I don't think this is a direct issue with your dvr, but this will cause the software to be redownloaded into both pieces of hardware.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

I'll add my data to the list.


My problems first began about 3 weeks ago. While watching TV in buffered mode, a white banner message with black text reads "This channel has jumped to live TV to allow viewing or recording on the DVR receiver".


The image then jumps to the live pogramming, losing the entire buffer. I am unable to rewind to recover the buffered images.




I am watching a football game and rewind to watch a play again. I am now watching buffered images. The banner message will display and jump to live images. I lose all buffered images. Depending on how many times I rewind and pause, I have lost 30 seconds to 15 minutes of a game.


I am watching live TV. My wife enters the room and wants to talk. I pause the show. During the pause the banner message displays, jumps, and I lose the buffer.


The phone rings, I pause the live show. Later I go back to watching the buffered the images. While watching the buffered show, the banner messages displays and the show jumps to live images.


I pause a show to check the guide to see what other shows are on. While paused looking at the guide, the banner message displays and the show jumps.


This problem occurs when watching buffered images and happens both while paused or watching buffered images.


The problem occurs even when no recordings are scheduled or in progress. It does not matter if I am the only one watching or a family member is watching via the STB.


Sometimes it is no big deal to have it jump. Other times I have missed critical endings to a show or a football game. Very annoying! 


I will also send this info to David per the instructions listed above.  Thanks. TR


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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

I forgot to add that I contacted. Uverse support about this yesterday. The customer service agent did not seem familiar with this problem. She updated the software and rebooted the DVR. It seemed OK, so we ended the call. The problem happened 3 more times that day and two times today. TR
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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

When you call ts and you get a csr who doesn't seem to be able to give you the info you need.  Ask to be transferred to a tier 2 tech.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

This frequently recurring problem started late Oct. Almost always happens when bringing up the Guide. Current station might not even have been paused at all, but unit will still say it has to jump. This is an obvious DVR problem and most likely software.

Neither of the two other (non-DVR) TV's exhibit any problems when playing live programming (so it's not the gateway or the signal), the problem happens whether or not there is any other TV/internet/phone activity (so not bandwidth- or stream-related), never more than 45% of storage space in use and no recording is taking place (so not buffer-related). I've not seen the problem when playing pausable-STB programming (ie. when the STB is tuned to the same station as the DVR) but if that happened, it still would be the DVR that had jumped, not the STB.

I don't know if this is due to a software update, as some have suggested, but it's extremely aggravating, made more so as there is no known way to report a problem to AT&T online...and they'll want to send a tech to tell me the signal is fine, which I already know. If it is software, it would be nice if AT&T acknowledged the problem, and gave a date for a new release.

I've had DVR's in several forms for years on this and other services. The Uverse equipment has been fine up 'till now, but this problem means one doesn't actually have a DVR. Sorry about the length - just had to vent.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"


New u-verse subscriber (4 days), exactly the same symptoms. Simple setup: 1 receiver (vip1225) in the house, no other recordings happening, DVR almost empty, watching paused live TV yet it jumps. Often when calling up the guide, other times when pausing/unpausing, and I *think* I've seen it when not touching anything but can't swear that.


This is a dealbreaker of a bug. Incredibly frustrating to be involved in a show or event and then loose chunks of it. That's why I paused it in the first place; I didn't want to miss any of it! If this isn't fixed I'll drop the service and try comcast with Tivo. Set top boxes must "just work."


-- Glenn

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

I only saw it once (posted earlier), and haven't seen it since.


Have you tried unplugging the DVR at the back?  Wait about 10-30 seconds, then plug it back in; that usually clears up most oddities.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

spd2demun wrote:

Have you tried unplugging the DVR at the back?  Wait about 10-30 seconds, then plug it back in; that usually clears up most oddities.


I just did that to no avail. What's more is when I fast-forward to live TV, it'll still give the message and then erase the buffer, even though i'm on live TV.

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Re: "TV has jumped to live TV"

I wonder if this the result of a region by region update that is being rolled out by ATT?  Not everyone is seeing it at the same time but more and more people are seeing it.  Just a thought.

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