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"Set top box doesn't match account settings"

"Set top box doesn't match account settings"

So I upgraded to a different package, and my main tv that's connected to the dvr works fine and got updated but the second tv/ wireless box does not load and it keeps popping up with that message. I called and they told me to wait till 12 am and it should b fine but here we are after 12 and I still receive the message. I tried the basics like restarting it and unplugging it but no luck. Anyone have gotten this message b4? Can anyone help me? lol
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Re: "Set top box doesn't match account settings"

Your account was changed to one box only i suspect, causing the error message.
This message is common when trying to load a box the account is not set up for....
If this is correct two things need to happen
1) add stb to your account, suspect this has been done
2) the box needs to be unplugged and cleaned (misconfigured)
Basically the box is shut down and banned till tech runs misconfigured tool,
Resetting the box GUI (long number on bottom of box) to allow to be loaded.
A) tech support can do B) tech visit can do C) replace wifi box if misconf does not work

Again suspect when changed package, was set up for DVR only in package,
2nd box not added, when attempt to activate received message, now misconfigured.
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