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"Best" U-Verse Reciever for PQ


"Best" U-Verse Reciever for PQ

I've got 3 recievers.


1. cisco 7005 wireless (I've been running wired - ooh rebel)

1. VIP 2250

1. VIP 1200


I had been running the VIP 2250 via component into an older 50" Plasma because I liked the picture slightly better than via HDMI.


I just got a samsung LED to replace the 50 Plasma (fricken glare), and mounted on wall. Now wife wants to play musical recievers because the remote doesnt work that great where we have the DVR and she wants to move the 7005 (smallest of the three) up to the top of the stand. 


What are you going to do.



I've read that the first and second gen U-verse boxes have completely different chipsets, so here is my question.




Does one U-Verse STB SEEM to have a better PQ (VIA HDMI) all other things being equal between the three?


Is there a known 'best'?




Lastly, if i wanted to say swap my silver 1200 for a black 2200 because wife, is that relatively easy to do or do I have to have an issue? what if I wanted to swap my 7005, since I really dont need wireless (it was the only way I could get them to mail me a 3rd reciever instead of rolling a truck when I added it).





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Re: "Best" U-Verse Reciever for PQ

To add a receiver options are hardwired requires truck roll, normally billable especially if requiring new cable run.
Or add wifi receiver with one time $49 charge, but can self install.

In 2.5 years I do not think I have had a dozen 2200 on my truck, the 1200s are by far more plentiful.
Normally do not swap receives unless issue. If request a receiver swap would expect 95% to be another 1200 either shipped or tech visit. If desire black, small foot print and better chip set return 1200 for another wireless receiver.

In my opinion, the 2250 has the better PQ on Ethernet over wireless receiver, have not seen wireless PQ on hardwired connection, but as is most things...very subjective and opinions will vary.
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