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poor customer service


poor customer service

I am very disappointed customer since December 2013.  It started with the initial call where my debit card was charged then I was asked if it was ok.  I was then told by the rep that it would be refunded back aat the end of January.  Guess what? when I called at the end of January I was told no such policy existed  The charge was for $100.  That is a possible criminal charge for theft.  Then my install date was changed due to a mix up on your end.  That inconvenienced me having to lose a day at work then my fiancee had to lose a day.  I should charge you for the time we missed at work.  The two techs that came went down the street for a beer during the two hour install of uverse internet.  They should be fired.  One of the techs harrased my fiancee in a suggestive manner to the point she was frightened.  That is another possible criminal charge.  I have had my internet go out at various times.  Poor service.  I was told I would receive a $100 dollar visa gift card for signing up in December of 2013 at the end of January 2014.  I have not received it as of yet.  Could that be a third possible criminal charge for fraudulent business practices?  Yesterday February 23rd my internet went out again.  I was told a tech needed to come out and my appointment was for yesterday between 4-8  When I checked the website to see the status I discovered at 7pm that my appointment was for  today between 4-8.  You cost me a business deal yesterday costing my almost a $1000 in commision due to the internet being out.   My fiancee took today off work to be there when we discovered that the internet was working at 6am this morning not needing a service call.  Due to my fiancee working at a restaurant for she is in school she couldn't just go into work.  She lost a day of work and I lost a deal.  We should charge you for the money we have lost between today and yesterday.  I was supposed to get a call from a supervisor today between 1130 and 1230 today and I still have not gotten one at 325 pm  How do we resolve this?

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Re: poor customer service

Sorry to hear all that. I'm going to limit my comments to the suspected "theft". I'm just a customer too so can't help directly. Just curious, was your first contact by phone or in person, somebody coming to your front door?


As far as I know AT&T does not go directly door to door with actual AT&T employees,  but might (my case) use a third party solicitors, a real AT&T person while the solicitors are still there confirms things by calling you.


Sounds like you were likely a victim of some scam. In no case at this point should money change hands or anyone ask for your credit or debit card number. If that's what happened, I suggest you call you local police, file a police report. They may be aware who's trying to pull this scam in your area.


I don't have any debit cards and don't want one because if you get scammed you're basically out of luck, because the bank that issued the debit card can't and won't do anything. However if you use a credit card or a card that is both a credit/debit ALWAYS use credit for situations where you are doing a transaction for the first time. Then if it turns out to be bogus or you don't get the product or service you charged the bank that issued your credit card will send you a dispute forum and in most cases take your side and remove the charges from your account.



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Re: poor customer service

Actually it was att customer service who charged my card then told me
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Re: poor customer service

Hello @zacharyz 


I'm sorry you're having so many issues with your service. We'll be happy to look into it and help with anything we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your full name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Thanks you,


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