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phones calls out, but don't ring or show caller id


phones calls out, but don't ring or show caller id

I got installed yesterday. My phones would call out, but when a call came in, my phones wouldn't ring or show the caller id. The TV would show the caller id and I could answer the phone. The phones worked previously with TWC. My phone would ring and show caller id if I plugged it directly into the uverse box. I did some research on the internets that suggested that the two phone wires were reversed between the uverse port and my phones. So I found an old wall plate with two phone jacks that wasn't being used anymore. On the back there were colored wires coming out of the jacks and going to screw terminals. The middle two wires were red and green. I pulled the red wire from one jack off the terminal and connected it to the terminal with the green wire on the other jack, and pulled the green wire and connected it to the terminal with the red wire. I also found a three inch phone cord that came with a phone so that the phone could be hang from a wall jack and put this into one of the two jacks on the wall plate. I then inserted this on the end of the phone cord coming from the uverse box and plugged the small cord to where the longer cord was originally plugged in. This fixed my phones. They all ring and show caller id. I left the install tech a phone message explaining what he did. We'll see if he calls back to fix the problem. If not, I'll just leave my jerry rigged device in place.
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Re: phones calls out, but don't ring or show caller id

MrOz - Sounds like you found the info needed to make it work.

With POTS, at&t responsibility ends at the NID on the side of the house. With U-verse voice, that point is the tel 1/2 jack on the RG. The customer is responsible for house wiring.

You are correct - Line 1 is on the middle prongs wired red/green. The second line is on the outer prongs wired black/yellow.
These are connected from the RG to a wall jack to feed the rest of the house. It is a good idea to have the two jack wall plate for the phone near the RG.

Also, be sure the house tel wiring does not connect to the U-verse DSL feed to the RG or through the NID to outside cable.
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Re: phones calls out, but don't ring or show caller id

The only reason that I brought this up was because the install tech took an existing phone line and wired both a DSL and phone jack to it and then plugged the phone cable from the NVG589 box into the new phone jack. He mixed up the wires on the new phone jack. He could of checked this by calling my phone number and making sure my phones rang and showed caller id. This is both a suggestion for install tech operating procedures and a message to find via internet searches for new customers who have the same problem. Otherwise, I think uverse is a big improvement and much better value than my previous TWC service. Got my first bill today, and it was what I was expecting. If you order online, you can print a list of future charges (net of taxes and surcharges) and compare to your first bill.
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