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phone issues


phone issues



For over a month now I've had problems with my phone where callers would immediately get disconnected, but it was a sporadic problem. Had Tech Support come out twice in one week to debug. They tested the lines inside and out and found no problem. Was sent a new RG. Problem still occured, but less often. Now happening more frequently, with caller reporting a static noise instead of a ring when first calling. Made a call 4 hours ago. No problems. Now, no dial tone - just static noise and busy signal on my end. Please help!




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Re: phone issues

Seeing that you have already contacted regular TS and are still having the same problem.  Click on the hyper link in my sig and you will be taken to AT&T Customer Care's profile.  Send them a PM with your info and the issue.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, who can help you get this resolved.  They will reply to you via PM as well so watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification, as they will reply to you via PM as well.  Their hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 11pm  CST.

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Re: phone issues


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