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new universe customer. terrible so far


new universe customer. terrible so far

I signed up on 4/4 and was set to have a connection on 4/8. After 4 different technicians in and around my house and 10 lengthy calls to tech support, I still don't have a connection and have not been given an eta for when I will have one. The support techs I have spoken to this week keep saying they're going to contact the dispatch team to get an update, our me on hold for a long long time, then promise me a call back, which ends up being a call to say "I don't know". The topic they keep throwing around is something about cables underground. Today, I asked to speak with a supervisor who, surprise surprise, was to busy to take a call and didn't call me back within 1-2 hours as promised. The original tech who came days he would take care of me after he left saying to call him if i had any issues - Carlos never returned my phone call. The customer support for new accounts is ridiculous.

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Re: new universe customer. terrible so far

if the underground cable has failed then it could take awhile to get straight, the failed cable is reported, engineering writes that job, permits go to the city,county for approval, at that point its a waiting game for permits to be approved, all of this is done on a different end so unfortunatly the techs that were out there, the customer support you have talked to have no way of seeing whats going on or when its going to be fixed all they see is failed cable.Its also not a good idea to post an employees ful name and city of employment in your posts, and im surprised this thread wasnt locked up or edited right away.

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Re: new universe customer. terrible so far

How is it possible that you have given me more information in one random forum response than 10 phone calls (11in a few as I am on hold once trying to get an update once again)?  Incredible.  

Please excuse the grammatical errors. I have been doing business on my phone for 9 days now... I don't care about posting a name and location on a forum page. That doesn't put anyone in danger or anything, it just calls them out if they aren't doing their job.    If I am unable to get in contact with his supervisor today I'll post his/her name as well. 

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