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multiple logins


multiple logins

Why is it that as we move through the support pages, we are asked for logins multiple times?  My ID and Password are the same each time but we still seem to have to login at each turn.  It's not a timing out-thing.  Anybody else having that problem? 

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Re: multiple logins

nikesboy - That is necessary to make sure it is still you. If someone should sneak up & knock you out they would have access to your account. Who knows what damage they could do! LOL


Actually, I think it  is because there is no continuity in the site. Notice instead of having you narrow down to the answer you are looking for, it keeps expanding the possiblities so that you get dizzy going in circles. It keeps asking for you to sign in to be sure the vertigo did not cause you to falloff your chair & bump your head.

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Re: multiple logins

Not buying that. I suspect that AT&T struggles to have disparate systems
speak to one another in such a way that IDs and Passwords can be seamlessly
handed off. I work for a large bank on the technical end. We offer
on-line banking which allows customers to not only retrieve information in
"read only" fashion, it also allows for transaction initiation. We have no
such multiple log in requirements.

Multiple login requirements used to be a tremendous problem for us but it
was long ago resolved. Now, when a platform calls for multiple sign ins,
it smacks of a company who is focused elsewhere. To be honest, the AT&T
site is the only site that I access that requires multiple sign ins. Oh,
wait, I take that back......I have to sign into paypal if I want to
purchase something from ebay. But that is only one additional sign in

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Re: multiple logins

With that, I will definitely agree.  And then, if you are brave, you can wade through the interminable voice prompts if you want to try the phone or go through the disconnects that often occur when chatting with whomever somewhere in the dark corners of the world.  And goodness knows if that Chat Team is to provide any technician with any won't happen. 

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