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moving RG to different room


moving RG to different room

Hi All,


Great forum and I have read enough posts to be a little more competent in my issue, but I am not totally there yet.  Here is my situation.


I have my RG in one room where it has always been since the Uverse tech installed it.  Ideally, I would like to move the RG to a room upstairs.  My house is prewired with CAT5 and I have a central box where all of the cables are located.  When I connect the RG to the port upstairs, it does not establish a connection.  I have been reading that usually, the UVerse connection is installed with a single homerun connetion to one port in the house and I am guessing that is what I have.  I have opened up and checked on the NID at the side of my house.  Here is a picture of it:




The red/green wires and the red/green bolts are not connected at all.  I have no idea what the blue cable is for and where it goes to.  I am pretty sure the green cable is where my Uverse service is coming from.  In the central box in my closet where all the cables meet up, there is an unmarked green cable that is (I think I am using the right term?) spliced up with two 3M Scotchlok UR2 butt connectors to the cable connected to the port where the RG is currently located (solid blue pairs on both cables together on one UR2 connector and the 2 white pairs on both cables on the other UR2 connector).


I am trying to avoid an ATT technician visit to do this, but is it as simple as disconnecting the blue pairs from the UR2 connectors from the cable going downstairs and connecting the cable from the upstairs room to new UR2 connectors?  Also, are those UR2 connectors pretty sensitive when moved?  In the course of just checking out the wires and the UR2 connectors, I have lost Uverse connectivity twice.  No idea what I did, but it seems like after straigthening out he connectors a bit the connection is restored. 


Are there any other options for me to move the RG?


Can I remove the UR2 connectors from the cable running to the NID, crimp it with an RJ-11 jack, and connnect it to my RG in the central box in my closet? 


Thanks for all the help and advice!


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Re: moving RG to different room

All your thoughts are correct, the scothlok is just a splice to connect the two cables.
Desire a different destination, just removed old, connect to new should be good.

Also if wish to move RG to closet with installing either RJ11 or RJ14 jack can, just be sure to connect to blue (center pins) pair.

Your other cable (blue) is for a POTS (plain old telephone service) line coming off the vdsl whole home splitter.
This wire should tie into phone distribution point.

The scotchlok should not be sensitive, may have either a poor crimp, or questionable wire end, should not strip ends if using the 3M scotchlok as compared to old wire nuts.
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Re: moving RG to different room

Great, thanks for your help!  Is there a way that I can check to make 100% sure that the green cable is definitely where my UVerse service is coming from?  I just want to be absolutely sure before I disconnect that cable from the scothlok. 


I am guessing there isn't a way to make both the downstairs and the upstairs ports active for Uverse connectivity without say running a separate cable from the NID to my closet?  At the NID, is it just a matter of lifting up the clear blue connector to disconnect the current green cable?  Is that blue pair on the green cable at the NID punched down?  I didn't really want to touch it too much or force the cable out without knowing what to do. 

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