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mac filtering broken on 3800HGV-B


mac filtering broken on 3800HGV-B

Using RG model 3800HGV-B and firmware .

MAC filtering seems to be broken.


My MacBook Pro and Lenovo laptop can merrily connect to the Wifi even after their mac addresses are on the Blocked devices list. Already trying to make the laptops "forget" the wifi connection. Once the password is re-entered, they happily connect back. Tried rebooting RG. No effect. Only thing I've not done is change wifi passord on RG - because that will mean entering the new password on a long list of devices like blu-ray player and tv etc.



After spending 5 hours on the remote desktop control with Uverse support and ConnecTech support, AT & T gave up and is sending tech onsite today.


Any inputs/solutions are welcome.

Anyone has a more recent firmware than  


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Re: mac filtering broken on 3800HGV-B

The tech may or may not be able to help can you send a screen shot of router page for Mac filtering?

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Re: mac filtering broken on 3800HGV-B

Correct, the Tech called and said there is nothing he can do and did not even come. (I don't blame him). I called back and the U-verse supervisor offered to swap the box. He had no idea what would be the model and firmware of the replacement box. Disgusted, I just cancelled the ticket since I'm convinced AT&T does not have a solution.

The macbookpro ending with eb:b1 is the one I was testing with. (Hanging it on a dd-wrt behind the RG works fine, but is not the desired solution.)



[edited for privacy - removed image displaying unique MAC addresses]





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Re: mac filtering broken on 3800HGV-B

Trying to post the image again after suitable editing. (Thanks Phil-101 for the reminder).






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