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intermittent tv

intermittent tv

Uverse tv  has intermittent operantion. Uverse tech replaced  resident gateway. The problem still exists.


At one point lost the entire system, TV  and Phone.


There isn't a specific time for  failures. It is very annoying.






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Re: intermittent tv

Intermittent issues can be difficult,let's start with basics.

Type of RG (with IP TV can be 3800, 3801, 3812 aka inid or 589)?
How connected to NID, (coax, cat5 port, ethetnet .... red port?

If 3800, 3801 or 3812 can be download and post screen shots?
If not can you post gateway info from

Issue can be outside (cross box, plant, drop, nid) or inside wiring including jack, data cable.
How inside wire is ran, not near or crossing fluorescent or CFC lights, or power lines.
Grounding issues, electrical surges, microwave usage or treadmill, compressor or motors generating noise on line.
Stray voltage on back of tv, ham radio operator, AM radio stations, storms, computer monitor, etc.

Effectively noise on line (internal or external), passes a threshold,RG reboots (initialize or retrain).
Freezing or pixel is lesser effect, if tech measurements at nid shows no errors on line but have errors at RG, issue inside.
If tech measured shows issue at NID then outside.

Uvrealtime may help identify possible suspects.
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Re: intermittent tv

Click on the hyperlink in my sig for AT&T Customer Care and you will be taken to their PM page.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, who can help you get your issue resolved.  Send them a PM with your info and the issue and someone will be in touch with you.  Watch the little blue envelope at the top of the screen for message notification as they will reply to you via PM as well.

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